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Noble Account

Phobos is free to play. However a Noble Account subscription will grant players certain in-game benefits. These benefits include:

Transport – Are your legs feeling a little tired from all that walking? Noble Account players are able to travel between cities and many hunting grounds instantly using boats.
No login queue – Fed up of having to wait in queue to join a game world? With a Noble Account, you won't have to.
Reduced death loss – For a fee, any temple guardian will perform a ritual to reduce your death penalty.
Housing – Cold outside, isn't it?! Noble Accounts are able to buy themselves a house to sleep in at night and show off the treasures from their latest hunt!
Found guilds – Create guilds to help fight off invading armies, solve quests, or conquer your world. You may even rent a guildhall to hold guild meetings, host parties, or just to recover in after a long hunt.
Cheaper post service – Enjoy half-price delivery for letters and parcels.
Extended post service – As a noble, you will find that many NPCs will be happy to deliver your well-earned loot from a hunting area straight to safe storage, for a small fee, of course!
Noble outfit – Lord it over your lessers with a special outfit.

Other benefits include: Early test server access, unlimited bank space, more friend slots, more characters allowed per account, some Noble-only NPCs, some Noble-only buildings.




Version 1.0.0


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