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What is Phobos?

Phobos is a 2D massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) set in a medieval fantasy environment. Phobos is currently in development by Myth Entertainment.


The world of Erasan, where Phobos is set, is home to all manner of strange, terrifying and wonderful creatures. And similarly, it's up to you to decide whether you're going to be strange, terrifying or wonderful yourself! Choose your class, build your character, solve quests, slay great beasts, and even create guilds to conquer or bring peace to your world. But forever be prepared to be annihilated by the ultimate evil that is, Phobos.

Stories and role-playing are the beating heart of Phobos. The entire game world is built upon the history and lore of the world. However that is certainly not the end of the story. This is because in Phobos, the world will be a truly 'dynamic world'. What this means is that over time, the world will change. Changes will usually be made gradually through regular updates. These changes may be unavoidable from a player's perspective - the will of the Gods, if you like - but in many cases the end result will depend on the actions of players. Allowing players to influence how events turn out is going to be a major part of game content.


The dynamic world means that as years pass, you will find that the merchant NPCs that you know so well will pass away and be replaced by their sons and daughters. New settlements may be built in safe and prosperous areas or around strong guildhalls. Wars may bring fire to the world, shatter cities and force empires to their knees. The Gods may one day be generous and benevolent, but maddened and furious the next. Brave new worlds shall be born. But fragile old ones shall die.

Phobos is free to play. However a Noble Account subscription will grant players certain in-game benefits. For more information, visit our Noble Account page.