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cc = Copper Coins
Name Sprite Properties Weight Dropped by Quest reward Sell (cc) Buy (cc)
Basilisk Amulet Basilisk amulet.png  ? 51g Pisaura, Goblin Witchmaster No 70 -
Phantasm Amulet Phantasm amulet.png  ? 55g Pisaura No 70 -
Firestone Amulet Firestone amulet.png +15 Magic Defense, +15% Destructive Magic 56g Predator, Goblin Summoner Yes 120 -
Moon Amulet Moon amulet.png +10% Nature Magic, +10% Destructive Magic, +10% Protective Magic, +10% Support Magic 31g Ferorn Morphis, Protectorate Knight, Wiralof Yes 120 -
Rabbit Paw Amulet Rabbit paw amulet.png +5% Hit Chance 65g Goblin Summoner, Outlaw Hunter No 90 -
Beastmaster Whistle Beastmaster whistle.png +4% Support 180g Orc Beastmaster No 50 -
Protective Amulet Protective amulet.png +15 Magic Defense 49g Wirathistle No 40 -
Pendant of the Protectorate Pendant of the Protectorate.png +25 Magic Defense, -25% Nature 205g Wirathistle, Lord Volent, Quagwyrm Yes 110 -