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Clerics seek a balance between the ferocity of melee and the fascinations of magic. Whilst not as physically attuned as knights may be, clerics are able to utilise their magical knowledge and combine their abilities in order to execute various devastating melee feats, spells and enchantments. By combining their knowledge, clerics may enchant their weapons and perform dazzling feats even the most skilled of knights would not usually be able to. Of course, not specialising in magic alone, clerics are not as talented magicians as shamen, wizards, or sorcerers. Nonetheless, clerics may protect and heal their fellow warriors, making them crucial team members in group battles.

Cleric Spells

Name Sprite Mana Type Description Cooldown
Restoration Heal other.png 150 protection Restores a large amount of health to a target and a small amount to the caster as well. A movement speed buff lasting 4s will be applied to both target (+8%) and caster (+5%). 7.5s
Pillar of Fire Fire aura.PNG 80 destruction A pillar of fire erupts upon a targeted tile and a flaming aura explodes out from it, burning all enemies on and adjacent to the target tile. 10s
Smite Smite.png 80 melee (global) A physical strike of great force upon a single target within a radius of 2 sqm. Splash damage and a 1s movement speed debuff (-10%) is applied to adjacent squares. The caster is healed 15% of all damage inflicted. 18s

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