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Name Sprite Description Weight Sell(cc) Buy(cc) Dropped By
Bar-Gura Finger Bar-Gura Finger.png 150g


Mogrash's Black Tooth Mogrash's Black Tooth.png This item is sufficient evidence for the collection of Mogrash Blacktooth's bounty 60g

Mogrash Blacktooth.png

Fastfoot's Fast Blade Fastfoot's Fast Blade.png This item is sufficient evidence for the collection of Fastfoot Rufus' bounty 60g

Fastfoot Rufus.png

Dragon Skull Dragon skull.png 38kg

Mordrir Skyfire.png

Ceggadys' Scale Ceggadys' Scale.png Even the mightiest mountain can be conquered 60g


Karr's Fur Coat Karr's Fur Coat.png This item is sufficient evidence for the collection of Beastcaller Karr's bounty 60g

Beastcaller Karr.png

Thordrak's Splintered Axe Thordrak's Splintered Axe.png Thordrak put everything into one last swing 150g

Thordrak Firebeard.png

Worm Worm.png 5g 1

Brown Bear.pngGloptoad.pngOstren.pngQuagwyrm.pngToad.pngWiralof.pngWirathistle.png

Bone Bones.gif 140g 1

Babau.pngBrown Bear.pngEmber Wyvern.pngGath'Moth.pngGloptoad.pngGoblin.pngGoblin Witchmaster.pngHuntsman.pngManed Trow.pngOrc Beastmaster.pngOrc Magus.pngPisaura.pngPredator.pngQuagwyrm.pngQuasit.pngSkeleton.pngSkeleton Archer.pngSkeleton Warrior.pngSnow Warg.pngWarg.pngWiralof.pngWitch.png Ceggadys.pngFerorn Morphis.pngGrorus.pngMordrir Skyfire.pngShrachlor.pngSirl Imparo.pngVargr.pngWitch Freia.pngWitch Keka.pngWitch Rosice.png

Chicken Feather Chicken feather.png 3g 2

Chicken.pngEmber Wyvern.pngFrost Wyvern.pngPredator.pngWarg.png Mordrir Skyfire.pngShrachlor.pngVargr.png

Spider Web Spider web.png 1g 4

Goblin Witchmaster.pngPisaura.pngWebweaver.png Shrachlor.png

Lucenfly Stinger Lucenfly Stinger.png No doubt that if the contained toxins could be extracted, they would be quite valuable. 130g 5


Green Substance Green substance.png This strange substance is giving off a faint warmth. An alchemist would surely have some use for this. 100g 5


Zombie Skin Zombie skin.png 450g 5

Wiralof.pngZombie.pngZombie Plaguebearer.png

Bat Wing Bat Wing.png 90g 5


Maggot Hide Maggot husk.png 60g 6


Roe Hide Roe hide.png 380g 6


Rabbit Paw Rabbit paw.png 80g 7

Brown Bear.pngGloptoad.pngRabbit.png

Roe Horn Roe horn.png 850g 8


Frog Leg Frog Leg.png 40g 8

Frog.pngGloptoad.pngOstren.pngToad.png Witch Rosice.png

Rat Tail Rat tail.png 40g 8

Gloptoad.pngGoblin Witchmaster.pngOrc Bowman.pngOrc Hunter.pngOrc Magus.pngPisaura.pngPredator.pngQuagwyrm.pngRat.pngWarg.pngWirathistle.pngWolf.png Shrachlor.png

Pig's Hoof Pig's hoof.png 200g 9

Gloptoad.pngOrc Bowman.pngOrc Brute.pngOrc Hunter.pngPig.png

Gloptoad Webbing Gloptoad Webbing.png It gives off the unmistakeable stench of rotting fish. 155g 9

Gloptoad.pngOstren.pngWitch.png Witch Freia.pngWitch Keka.pngWitch Rosice.png

Badger Paw Badger paw.png 450g 10


Leather Piece Leather piece.png 180g 11

Boar.pngBrown Bear.pngCave Troll.pngForest Imp.pngManed Trow.pngMountain Troll.pngOrc Beastmaster.pngQuagwyrm.pngSwamp Troll.pngWiralof.pngWirathistle.png Thordrak Firebeard.png

Goblin Finger Goblin finger.png 70g 14

Brown Bear.pngGloptoad.png

Bear Paw Bear paw.png 5.4kg 14

Brown Bear.pngCave Troll.pngEmber Wyvern.pngFrost Wyvern.pngOrc Beastmaster.pngQuagwyrm.pngSwamp Troll.png Beastcaller Karr.pngMordrir Skyfire.png

Boar Hide Boar hide.png 350g 15

Boar.pngCave Troll.pngEmber Wyvern.pngFrost Wyvern.pngMountain Troll.pngOrc Beastmaster.pngOrc Hunter.pngQuagwyrm.pngSwamp Troll.pngWirathistle.png Beastcaller Karr.pngCeggadys.pngMordrir Skyfire.png

Badger Hide Badger hide.png 1.2kg 18


Hog Hide Hog Hide.png 180g 18


Wolf Hide Wolf hide.png 290g 20

Cave Troll.pngEmber Wyvern.pngFrost Wyvern.pngGloptoad.pngMountain Troll.pngOrc Beastmaster.pngOrc Hunter.pngPisaura.pngPredator.pngQuagwyrm.pngSwamp Troll.pngWarg.pngWirathistle.pngWolf.png Ceggadys.pngMordrir Skyfire.pngVargr.png

Imp Ear Imp Ear.png 30g 20

Forest Imp.pngGloptoad.pngQuagwyrm.png

Bear Hide Bear hide.png 11kg 20

Brown Bear.pngCave Troll.pngEmber Wyvern.pngFrost Wyvern.pngPredator.pngQuagwyrm.pngSwamp Troll.pngWiralof.pngWirathistle.png Ceggadys.pngMordrir Skyfire.png

Tusk Tusk.png 340g 23

Boar.pngCave Troll.pngEmber Wyvern.pngFrost Wyvern.pngGoblin Witchmaster.pngMountain Troll.pngOrc Beastmaster.pngOrc Magus.pngQuagwyrm.pngSwamp Troll.pngWiralof.pngWirathistle.png Beastcaller Karr.pngCeggadys.pngMordrir Skyfire.png

Spider Fang Spider Fang.png 60g 24

​ ​

Shattered Hammer Shattered Hammer.png 150g 24

Dwarf Steelclad.pngMountain Giant.png

Rooster Feather Rooster feather.png 4g 25


Trow Tail Trow tail.png 140g 25

Brown Bear.pngEmber Wyvern.pngFrost Wyvern.pngManed Trow.pngOrc Hunter.pngPisaura.pngPredator.pngTrow.pngWarg.png Ceggadys.pngMordrir Skyfire.pngShrachlor.pngVargr.png

Goblin Witchmaster Finger Goblin witchmaster finger.png 140g 25 120

Gloptoad.pngGoblin Witchmaster.png

Artificer's Orb Artificer's Orb.png 150g 30

Dwarf Artificer.png

Beetle Shell Beetle shell.png 60g 30

Beetle.pngGloptoad.pngGoblin Witchmaster.pngOstren.pngWitch.png Witch Freia.pngWitch Keka.pngWitch Rosice.png

Goblin Hide Goblin hide.png 240g 30

Gloptoad.pngGoblin.pngGoblin Witchmaster.pngQuagwyrm.pngWirathistle.png

Thunderer's Buss Thunderer's Buss.png 150g 30

Dwarf Thunderer.pngMountain Giant.png

Wolf Paw Wolf paw.png 210g 36

Brown Bear.pngCave Troll.pngEmber Wyvern.pngFrost Wyvern.pngGloptoad.pngMountain Troll.pngOrc Beastmaster.pngOrc Magus.pngPisaura.pngPredator.pngQuagwyrm.pngSwamp Troll.pngWarg.pngWolf.png Mordrir Skyfire.pngShrachlor.pngVargr.png

Trow Hide Trow hide.png 220g 40

Maned Trow.pngTrow.pngWirathistle.png

Rhodosus Leather Rhodosus leather.png 420g 45

Cave Troll.pngGloptoad.pngMountain Troll.pngOrc Beastmaster.pngOrc Hunter.pngQuagwyrm.pngRhodosus.pngSwamp Troll.pngWiralof.pngWirathistle.png

Snake Skin Snake skin.png The skin contains a potent venom. 55g 45

Cave Troll.pngGloptoad.pngGoblin Witchmaster.pngOrc Beastmaster.pngOrc Magus.pngOstren.pngPisaura.pngQuagwyrm.pngSnake.pngSwamp Troll.pngToad.pngWirathistle.pngWitch.png Beastcaller Karr.pngShrachlor.pngWitch Freia.pngWitch Keka.pngWitch Rosice.png

Goblin Ear Goblin ear.png 90g 45

Brown Bear.pngEmber Wyvern.pngGloptoad.pngGoblin.pngGoblin Summoner.pngHuntsman.pngPisaura.pngPredator.pngWarg.pngWiralof.png Ceggadys.pngMordrir Skyfire.pngShrachlor.png

Venomous Spider Fang Venomous Spider Fang.png 60g 50

​ ​

Witch's Eye Witch's Eye.png 25g 50

Witch.png Witch Freia.pngWitch Keka.pngWitch Rosice.png

Trow Claw Trow claw.png 80g 60

Archenaid.pngBrown Bear.pngManed Trow.pngPisaura.pngPredator.pngTrow.png Shrachlor.png

Quasit Ear Quasit Ear.png 150g 60


Earth Golem Heart Earth golem heart.png 12kg 70

Soil Golem.png

Giant Clothing Giant clothing.png Enchanters pay a high price for items such as this. Exactly what they use them for is unclear. 1.2kg 75

Hill Giant.png Grorus.png

Quasit Horn Quasit Horn.png 150g 95


Orc Nail Orc nail.png 20g 100

Brown Bear.pngCave Troll.pngGloptoad.pngOrc Legionnaire.pngOrc Magus.pngOrc Savage.pngSwamp Troll.png

Babau Claw Babau Claw.png 150g 105


Gath'Moth Scale Gath'Moth Scale.png 150g 120


Frost Wyvern Horn Frost Wyvern Horn.png 1.1kg 130

Frost Wyvern.png

Frost Wyvern Tail Frost Wyvern Tail.png 1.9kg 130

Frost Wyvern.png

Ember Wyvern Tail Ember Wyvern Tail.png 2.2kg 130

Ember Wyvern.png

Ember Wyvern Tooth Ember Wyvern Tooth.png 40g 130

Ember Wyvern.png

Undead Essence Undead essence.png 30g 140

Zombie.pngZombie Plaguebearer.png

Orc Ear Orc ear.png 80g 140

Brown Bear.pngCave Troll.pngEmber Wyvern.pngGloptoad.pngOrc Bowman.pngOrc Hunter.pngOrc Legionnaire.pngOrc Magus.pngOrc Savage.pngPisaura.pngPredator.pngSwamp Troll.pngWarg.pngWiralof.pngWirathistle.png Mordrir Skyfire.pngShrachlor.pngVargr.png

Withered Demon Horn Withered Demon Horn.png 150g 160


Babau Horn Babau Horn.png 150g 175


Dragon Foot Dragon foot.png 12kg 200

Mordrir Skyfire.png Quest Reward

Giant Nail Giant Nail.png 140g 205

Hill Giant.png Grorus.png

Mountain Giant Keg Mountain Giant Keg.png 230

​ ​

Gath'Moth Tongue Gath'Moth Tongue.png 150g 280


Babau Jaw Babau Jaw.png 150g 360


Cufflings of an Orc Savage Cufflings of an orc savage.png 3.2kg 380

Orc Savage.png

Sticky Spider Web Sticky Spider Web.png Only the Dolorous Queen could have spun this 2g 450


Shrachlor's Hair Strands Shrachlor's Hair Strands.png Sticky like the Queen's webs 0g 600


Bar-Gura Horn Bar-Gura Horn.png 150g 750


Bar-Gura Scale Bar-Gura Scale.png 150g 780


Sirl Imparo's Crown Sirl imparos crown.png 500kg 800

Sirl Imparo.png

Leg of Shrachlor Leg of Shrachlor.png One of the spider queen's eight 1.0kg 1000


Aegiskeryn's Core Aegiskeryn's Core.png It's emiting a strange energy, different from the other golems. 60g 1100


Shrachlor's Egg Shrachlor's Egg.png It's reassuringly quiet inside 800g 1500


Aegiskeryn's Shattered Core Aegiskeryn's Shattered Core.png The giant golem's core was destroyed during the fight 60g 4000

​ ​