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  • Phobos Online was previously called "The Last Myth".
  • The game started being developed in 2005.
  • Instead of the swords, daggers, polearms and hammers skills, Phobos previously had slashing (swords), piercing (daggers), blunting (polearms and hammers) and hacking (axes).
  • Instead of nature, destructive, protective and support magics, Phobos had fire, water, air, spirit and earth magics.



  • The boar was previously called warthog.


  • The hand mace was previously called small mace.
  • The morning star was previously called mace.
  • The spiked flail was previously morning star.
  • The bronze shield was previously warrior shield.
  • The kite shield was previously plate shield.
  • The bronze buckler was previously light bronze buckler.
  • The copper shield was previously round bronze shield.