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In-game map of Driftop
Overview of the town of Driftop
Faction: Emposian Kingdom
Continent: Aerath
Region: Wirafal
Description: Driftop is an Emposian town on Wirafal. It is located to the southwest of the Eastebb Marshes
Accessible since: 2019-06-06


Name Sprite Location Description
Beth Humble Beth Humble.png Boatman
Carol Humble File:Carol Humble.png Fish Merchant
Cid Baerin Cid Baerin.png House auctioneer
Flynn Silvr Flynn Silvr.png Blacksmith
Germot Germot.png Drunken Sailor
Mace Welwar Mace Welwar.png Acting Major of the Emposian Army
Syra Kerr Syra Kerr.png Merchant

Library Books

Name Covers Authors
Beasts of Three-River Basin Book12.png Leonard Simmun
The Witches of Wreckers' Bay Book7.png