Empo Sar

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In-game map of Empo Sar with marker showing where to get the final class promotion
Overview of the city of Empo Sar
Empo Sar
Faction: Emposian Kingdom
Continent: Aerath
Region: Erellor
Description: Empo Sar is the capital of the Emposian Kingdom, located on the southern part of Aerath.
Accessible since: 2016-06-04


These are the available houses in Empo Sar:

Name Town Size Rent First floor Second Floor Third Floor
4 (The Gatehouse) Crown Parade Empo Sar 66 sqm 6600 cc per month
1 Arena Avenue Empo Sar 79 sqm 7900 cc per month


Name Sprite Location Description
Aerihal Freanimath Aerihal Freanimath.png Library Ambassador of the elves
Alexander Long Alexander Long.png Market District Jeweller
Amicia Hallen Amicia Hallen.png Guilds of Learning Guilds of Learning leader (magical)
Arik von Prospel Arik von Prospel.png Wealthy businessman
Arthur Isely Arthur Isely.png Western Wall City Guard
Austin Tyrell Austin Tyrell.png The Dice and Fiddle Innkeeper of The Dice and Fiddle
Baldwin Martyn Baldwin Martyn.png Cook
Bertran Bredlaw Bertran Bredlaw.png Market District Baker
Chuck Norry Chuck Norry.png Castle King's Guard
Dalthorn Coldart Dalthorn Coldart.png Guilds of Learning Major of the Emposian Army
David Hosslehaffer David Hosslehaffer.png Castle King's Guard
Demerit Hoyer Demerit Hoyer.png Harbour District Citizen
Eddie Clarke Eddie Clarke.png The Crown Inn Landlord of The Crown Inn
Edmund de Bobham Edmund de Bobham.png Castle City Guard
Elen Folda Elen Folda.png Harbour District Folda Family gang member
Emma Milbanath Emma Milbanath.png Housewife
Eradur Simmun Eradur Simmun.png Nobleman
Esmera Cipris Esmera Cipris.png Market District Tanner
Evandir Leventhorp Evandir Leventhorp.png Harbour District Duelist
Fira Cellistri Fira Cellistri.png Harbour District Firlast Gang leader
Firas Zeladri Firas Zeladri.png Harbour District Zeladri Family Boss
Gauwyn Bell Gauwyn Bell.png Harbour District City Guard
Geadle Orcat Geadle Orcat.png Harbour District City Guard
George Harte George Harte.png Guilds of Learning Guilds of Learning leader (physical)
Gerufa Tilibour Gerufa Tilibour.png Harbour District Zeladri Family gang member
Gilda Williams Gilda Williams.png Noblelady
Harlis Liractur Harlis Liractur.png Harbour District Black Rabbits gang member
Henry Furaflame Henry Furaflame.png Guilds of Learning Commander of the Emposian Army
Herdrad Plura Herdrad Plura.png Harbour District Black Rabbits gang leader
Hugh Danet Hugh Danet.png Castle Bureaucrat
Hugh Maison Hugh Maison.png Castle City Guard
Humphrey Taylor Humphrey Taylor.png Castle Ambassador of Hecate
Ivo Williams Ivo Williams.png Library Bureaucrat
Jacky Wode Jacky Wode.png Eastern Wall City Guard
John Milbanath John Milbanath.png Castle Bureaucrat
John Staunton John Staunton.png Northern Wall City Guard
Jorgren Medris Jorgren Medris.png Harbour District Zeladri Family gang boss
Julian Dye Julian Dye.png Western Wall City Guard
Kateryn von Daye Kateryn von Daye.png Baroness
Kath Medrin Kath Medrin.png Citizen
Kenyar Noblenose Kenyar Noblenose.png The Crown Inn Bounty hunter
Kyl Freeboot Kyl Freeboot.png Docks Ferryman
Lano Temitus Lano Temitus.png Harbour District Black Rabbits gang member
Leo Baerin Leo Baerin.png Bank House auctioneer
Leonard von Daye Leonard von Daye.png Baron and Ambassador of Corisia
Letita Courtenay Letita Courtenay.png Castle Ambassador of Uluthiane
Marisa Fowler Marisa Fowler.png Castle Bureaucrat
Martha Groby Martha Groby.png Guilds of Learning City Guard
Martha Mercer File:Martha Mercer.png Market District Furniture Maker
Martin Rampston Martin Rampston.png Castle Captain of the Royal Guard
Melvin Chetwode Melvin Chetwode.png Castle City Guard
Michael Mercer File:Michael Mercer.png Market District Furniture Maker
Michelle Solatora Michelle Solatora.png Harbour District Zeladri Family gang member
Mikel Drematoes Mikel Drematoes.png Harbour District Zeladri Family gang member
Mildred Fray Mildred Fray.png Docks Ship Captain
Myra Gilatoth Myra Gilatoth.png Emposian Bounty Officer
Noril Frosthorn Noril Frosthorn.png The Crown Inn Ambassador of the dwarves
Pascal Alto Pascal Alto.png Market District Fletcher
Philip Farrier Philip Farrier.png Market District Metalsmith
Pilvin Liorious Pilvin Liorious.png Harbour District Harbor worker
Radgon Maysar Radgon Maysar.png Castle Cook
Rory Chambers Rory Chambers.png Citizen
Ross Banum Ross Banum.png Market District Herbalist
Sabrae Halithra Sabrae Halithra.png PVP Arena Trainer
Samantha Sands Samantha Sands.png Market District Assistant potion brewer
Sampson Lloyd Sampson Lloyd.png Bank Banker
Sedric Tempest Sedric Tempest.png PVP Arena Arena manager
Susan Wells Susan Wells.png The Crown Inn Barmaid
Tebis Lieron Tebis Lieron.png Harbour District Barman
Thom Alingson Thom Alingson.png Guilds of Learning Guildmaster
Thomas Olyvers Thomas Olyvers.png Harbour District Captain of the Royal Guard
Tia Lentor Tia Lentor.png Noblelady
Timatroa Zeladri Timatroa Zeladri.png Harbour District Zeladri Family gang member
Tully Playmouth Tully Playmouth.png Market District Equipment Merchant
Velia Sadaleth Velia Sadaleth.png Harbour District Folda Family gang member
Walter Wrenne Walter Wrenne.png Castle Prison Guard
Zous Athrondor Zous Athrondor.png Library Elder librarian

Library Books

Name Covers Authors
A Brief Study of Magic Book6.pngBook11.png Critos Thales
A Brief Study of the Dwarven Language Book11.png Professor Torber Laun of Acadh Cinn
A Cold Midnight Visitor Book7.png Hera Wittman
A History of Emposia Book7.png Poppy Heraldor
A History of Great Smiths Book5.pngBook7.pngBook12.png Reed of the Red Wing
A Hymn of the Night Book7.pngBook8.png
A Study of the Great War Book3.png Bede Assar
A Time of Fire Book7.png Melvin Turncloak, based on accounts from Estaro of the Quandrin
Beasts of Three-River Basin Book12.png Leonard Simmun
Beyond the Seas of Our World Book12.png
Calendars and Time Book3.pngBook4.png
Classes(Book) Book9.pngBook12.png Thom Alingson
Death and the Underworld Book4.pngBook7.png Martha Kore
Encyclopedia of Herbology Book5.pngBook12.png Solomon Fallows, Michael Relius, Heather Sands, et al
Encyclopedia of Zoology Book5.pngBook12.png Cecily Grey and Maud Savill
Extract from: The Wonders of Alchemy Book4.pngBook11.png Terix Bridgewater
Fern: The Forgotten City Book7.png Marissa Pollen
Genesis Book.png
Goo Dankin's Explanations of Nearly Everything Book12.png Goo Dankin
Grandum the Cruel Book7.png Lady Philippa Tokura
Great Historical Figures of Aerath Book5.pngBook7.png Tia Heraldor
Happiness Book13.png Marie Westeros
How New Worlds Are Born Book11.png Zeletia Nemos
Khalran and the Heart of Jhaed Book7.png
Magical Artefacts: the Lost and the Legendary Book5.pngBook6.png Halus Piaris
Memories of Fundy Whitemoon Book3.pngBook8.pngBook10.png Claire Mirarla
Monarchs of the Emposian Kingdom Book5.pngBook Monarchs.png Tia Heraldor
Ode to the Clouds Book7.png
Of Elves Book12.png Landil Freanimath
Of Stags and Fawns Book3.pngBook7.png
Of the White Hand Book11.png Herod Tuson
Orc Origins Book7.png Marissa Blackwell
Out Of This World Book4.pngBook12.png Marc Veralis
Standard Elemental Abbreviations Book10.pngBook11.png Rhiannon Miratus
The Age of Emposia Book7.png Tia Heraldor
The Ballad of Aigelthin Book7.pngBook12.png Helfor Trod
The Battle of Aigelthin Keep Book7.png Thorin Yerlas
The Daggers of Almathr Book7.png Arius Larithidun
The Emerald Maiden Book7.png
The Founding of Timari Book7.png Lirelle Carey
The Fundamentals of Potions and Potionmastery Book5.png Marlin Bridgewater
The Gates Between Worlds Book7.pngBook11.png Zeletia Nemos
The Gods and Goddesses of Erasan Book12.png
The Great Book of Keeping Secrets Book12.png Goo Dankin
The Hare and the Tortoise Book7.png
The Hitchhiker's Guide to Erasan Book.pngBook9.png Adam Douglas
The Malieran Wars Book7.png Ethan Morfallow
The Music of the Spheres Book4.png Phineas Alcarin
The Owl of Timari Book7.png
The Princess and the Hungry Trow Book7.png Theodor Nox
The Prophecies of Nor Darkhaven Book11.png Nor Darkhaven
The Purpose and Meaning of Life Book7.png Reginald Zengar
The Ruling Houses of Emposia Book12.png Ivo Williams
The Suns of Erasan Book4.pngBook9.png Solixtus Ar-Zilaran
The Tales of Geadle the Guard Book5.png Geadle Orcat
The Tome of Skills Book3.pngBook7.png Thom Alingson
The Tome of Strength, Wisdom and Dexterity Book3.pngBook7.png Thom Alingson
The Truth of a Mad Magician Book7.png
The Wisdom of Fools Book7.png
The Witches of Wreckers' Bay Book7.png
True Songs of the Cloud Seer Book7.png Melila Cald
Urys Flameborn and the Legacy of the Flameborn Family Book7.png Ferwen Tir
You Make Your Own Luck Book7.png Marie Westeros