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How do I send a private message (PM) to another player?

Press enter to open the chatbox, type the symbol # directly followed by the player’s nickname and press enter again. A new tab will open and you can talk to the player there.

How do I speak to NPCs (non-playable characters)?

Say “hi” or “hello” to them without commas. After that you can talk to them using other words such as “trade”, “job”, “mission” or any other.

How do I trade with another player?

The default option to trade with another player is to press Ctrl+T, then click on the player you want to trade with.

How do I trade money?

Go to your city’s bank and talk to the banker NPC saying “hi” followed by “change” or "currency" and "yes". A new window will open where you can trade your money.

How do I sit?

Stand on top of a chair and right-click the chair.

How do I “look” at things?

Keep control pressed in your keyboard and click with the left button of your mouse where you want to look at. It will display information about the object.

How do I split grouped items?

Drag a stack of items from one location to another, when you let off the mouse a prompt will appear, type in the number of items you want to separate.

Can I use two weapons at the same time?

Yes, unless one of the weapons requires two hands.

How do I use the bow and where do the arrows go?

Put the bow in your hand slot. The arrows go in the quiver, The arrows go in a Quiver, which is a ammunition container, and should be put in the ammunition slot.

What happens if I die?

You'll lose all the exp of the current level and your current skill progress. You won't lose your character, your level and attributes or any of your items.

How do I create a party?

CTRL+I yourself and for inviting someone to your party CTRL+I on them