Guilds of Learning

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Located in Empo Sar, the Guilds of Learning are where people go to be promoted to Tier III Classes and learn new spells and feats.

Talk with Thom Alingson to get the promotion, with Amicia Hallen to learn spells for magical classes and with George Harte to learn feats for physical classes.

Guilds of Learning
In-game map of Empo Sar with a marker showing where the Guilds of Learning are located


Name Sprite Description
Amicia Hallen Amicia Hallen.png Guilds of Learning leader (magical)
Dalthorn Coldart Dalthorn Coldart.png Major of the Emposian Army
George Harte George Harte.png Guilds of Learning leader (physical)
Henry Furaflame Henry Furaflame.png Commander of the Emposian Army
Martha Groby Martha Groby.png City Guard
Thom Alingson Thom Alingson.png Guildmaster