Animal Products

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cc = Copper Coins
Name Sprite Weight Dropped by Sell Buy
Badger Paw Badger paw.png 450g Badger 10cc  ?
Badger Hide  ? 1,2kg Badger 18cc  ?
Bear Hide Bear hide.png 11kg Brown Bear 20cc  ?
Bear Paw Bear paw.png 5.4kg Brown Bear 14cc  ?
Beetle Sheel Beetle shell.png 60g Beetle 30cc  ?
Boar Hide Boar hide.png 350g Boar 15cc  ?
Bone Bone.png 140g Huntsman, Warg, Goblin, Skeleton 1cc  ?
Chicken Feather Chicken feather.png 3g Chicken, Warg 2cc  ?
Cufflings of an Orc Savage Cufflings of an orc savage.png 3.2kg Orc Savage 380cc  ?
Earth Golem Heart  ? 12kg Soil Golem  ?  ?
Giant Clothing Giant clothing.png 1.2kg Hill Giant 75cc  ?
Giant Hide Giant hide.png 140g Hill Giant 205cc  ?
Goblin Ear Goblin ear.png 90g Goblin, Warg 45cc  ?
Goblin Hide Goblin hide.png 240g Goblin 30cc  ?
Goblin Witchmaster Finger Goblin witchmaster finger.png 140g Goblin Witchmaster 25cc  ?
Green Substance Green substance.png  ? Slime, Blowbug 5cc  ?
Leather Piecer Leather piece.png 180g Brown Bear, Maned Trow 11cc  ?
Maggot Husk Maggot husk.png 60g Maggot 6cc  ?
Orc Nail Orc nail.png 20g Orc Legionnaire 100c  ?
Rabbit Paw Rabbit paw.png 80g Rabbit 7cc  ?
Rat Tail Rat tail.png 40g Rat, Warg, Wolf 8cc  ?
Rhodosus Leather Rhodosus leather.png 420g Rhodosus 45cc  ?
Roe Hide Roe hide.png 380g Roe 6cc  ?
Roe Horn Roe horn.png 850g Roe 8cc  ?
Rooster Feather Rooster feather.png 4g Rooster 25cc  ?
Skull Skull.png 800g Goblin, Skeleton  ?  ?
Snake Skin Snake skin.png 55g Snake 45cc  ?
Trow Claw Trow claw.png 80g Trow, Maned Trow 60cc  ?
Trow Tail Trow tail.png 140g Trow, Maned Trow, Warg 25cc  ?
Tusk Tusk.png 340g Boar, Orc Beastmaster 23cc  ?
Undead Essence Undead essence.png 30g Zombie 140cc  ?
Voodoo Doll Voodoo doll.png 90g Goblin Summoner 400cc  ?
Wolf Paw Wolf paw.png 210g Wolf, Warg 36cc  ?
Wolf Hide Wolf hide.png 290g Wolf, Warg 20cc  ?
Zombie Skin Zombie skin.png 450g Zombie 5cc  ?
Spider Web  ? 1g Pisaura 4cc  ?
Orc Ear  ? 80g Pisaura, Brown Bear, Warg 140cc  ?
Sirl Imparo's Crown Sirl imparos crown.png 500g Sirl Imparo 800cc  ?