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Pages are warriors specialising in the various forms of melee and distance physical combat. As such, pages possess the potential to train themselves in a variety of ways and learn numerous feats. They may learn to sustain torrential attacks from their enemies, wield great weapons, and efficiently dispatch their targets from a distance. As all the combat arts used by pages are physically demanding, they must be in peak physical condition to provide the strength and agility to carry out the array of feats available to them.

As a Tier II class, Pages can be promoted to one of five Tier III classes: Knight, Rogue, Marksman, Ranger or Cleric.

Abilities and Spells

Name Sprite Mana Type Description Cooldown(s) Price
Swift Strike Swift Strike.png 20 Melee (Global) Deal a single melee hit to your current combat target with slightly increased damage (+15%). This ability resets the auto-attack timer. 4 Cannot be purchased (Automatically learned).
Quickshot Quickshot.png 20 Distance (Global) Quickly shoot 2 ranged auto-attacks at the current target (within 0.5s), temporarily ignoring weapon attack speed. 6 Cannot be purchased (Automatically learned).
Overdraw Overdraw.png 25 Distance (Global) Charge up a powerful distance attack against a target For 3s, or until deactivation. The longer the ability is charged, the higher the damage on release. Caster movement speed is reduced during charging (-15%). 6 500
Sprint Sprint.png 30 Support Increased movement speed (+25%) for 6s. 24 Cannot be purchased (Automatically learned).
Precision Precision.png 30 + 5 MP/shot Support Whilst active, distance auto-attacks are granted increased hit chance (+30%), and deal additional bonus damage based on the target's missing health (+1 damage per 5% missing HP). 10 500
Deflect Deflect.png 40 Defense Increased dodge chance (+50%) and defense (+25%) against physical attacks for the next 5s; starting at a maximum and decreasing by half with every subsequent hit. Movement is slowed (-15%) for the duration of the spell. 20 500
Penetrating Strike Crippling strike.png 40 Melee (Global) Deal a single melee hit to a target, ignoring 50% of the target's armor and shield defense, or 25% of total defense against monsters. 14 500
Berserk Berserk.png 50 + 1 MP/s. Support Deal damage to surrounding tiles on activation. Whilst active, melee auto-attacks deal splash damage on either side, the caster is granted bonus melee attack speed (+25%) and movement speed (+10%), but reduced shield defence (-50%). 10 500