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Sorcerers are masters of the elements, and their knowledge of them is the greatest of all the classes. Practised sorcerers may form all manner of elemental forces to hurl at their enemies; from blazing fireballs to bitter-freezing waves of ice, from bolts of lightning to earth-shattering quakes. However, a sorcerer's focus is largely aggressive, making them particularly vulnerable to attack themselves, even more so perhaps than the other magical classes.

Sorcerer Spells

Name Sprite Mana Type Description Cooldown
Elemental Missile Elemental missile.PNG 5 nature, destruction Hurl a missile formed of destructive and nature elemental energy at the current target. 2s
Pillar of Fire Fire aura.PNG 60 destruction A pillar of fire erupts upon a targeted tile and a flaming aura explodes out from it, burning all enemies on and surrounding the target tile. 10s
Flash Frost Flash frost.png 50 nature Blight the targeted ground with a wall of severe frost for 3s, dealing damage and slowing the movement speed (-40%) of any walking through the effected tiles. 16s
Meteor Meteor.png 70 nature, destruction Command rocks up from the ground and form them into a meteor above the target tile. After 1s, the meteor falls to the ground, exploding on impact to deal huge damage to the target and surrounding tiles. 14s
Lightning Bomb LightningBomb.png 50 destruction After a 0.5s delay, conjure an orb of lightning energy on a tile. If a creature moves into the orb within 8s, it will explode, damaging tiles within 2 sqm. 18s

Spells inherited from Apprentice:

Spells inherited from Citizen: