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Continent: Aerath
Description: Timar borders Hilafo in the south, and Firlow and Milthorn to the west.

Shortly after the discovery of Timar Valley in 600 CA a temple was raised and a few explorers settled around it. This settlement was to be known as Northern Hope due to the peaceful surroundings contrasting the lands outside the valley. The settlement was unfortunately abandoned in 610 CA when the valley was more or less completely explored. Only a few monks stayed behind in the temple and were the only human inhabitants of the valley for the next 200 years.

In 838 CA a few Emposian explorers re-discovered the valley, as it had been forgotten by most during the two past centuries, and settled down. They built a new village, partially upon the ruins of the previous settlement and named it Timari.

In 998 CA the Timari Act was announced saying that all boys and girls of the Emposian Kingdom had to travel to Timari at the age of twelve. Here they would be taught the basics of surviving in the more dangerous world outside and they would have the opportunity to join a guild and gain a class.


Name Faction
Timari Emposian Kingdom

Hunting Areas

Greenwood Forest