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< Updates


  • Extended server suicide delay from 5s to 20s


  • Adjustment to deflect ability, so that it no longer adds points into the skill pool, only removes from it to go towards skill learning


  • Minor adjustment to the defence skill learning formula to reduce effectiveness of AFK training with multiple low level creatures


  • Fixed server crash occurring when logging out with certain abilities still active


  • Fixed 3 monster combat behaviour client-crashing bugs
  • Adjusted swift strike (was 10%, now 15% damage bonus)
  • Fixed various items with status modifiers (e.g. Ring of might)
  • Minor adjustment to combat report output
  • Fixed various minor map bugs
  • Fixed various minor item bugs
  • Fixed various minor NPC bugs


  • Fixed bug where using shield/absorb abilities did not train the protection skill
  • Fixed 4 monster combat behaviour client-crashing bugs
  • Fixed various map bugs
  • Fixed various item bugs


  • Various map fixes
  • Various monster fixes
  • Fixed a bug relating to lamp decaying


  • Various map fixes
  • Fixed server crashing bug

2016-06-04 - Open beta

  • Empo Sar and a few other small locations now accessible
  • Many minor map bugs fixed
  • Minor updates to Timar map (to fix the ongoing 'graphics legacy' problem)
  • Some adjustments to certain hunting areas
  • In-game tutorial balloons will now provide some basic help and tips in Timar
  • Subclass promotions may now be bought (knight, marksman, rogue, ranger, cleric, shaman, wizard, sorcerer)
  • Behaviour of the following creatures has been adjusted: Archenaid, Giant, Goblin Witchmaster, Huntsman, Orc Beastmaster, Orc Bowman, Orc Hunter, Orc Savage, Nysandra Celistriel, Rat, Rhodosus, Snake, Soil Golem, Spiderling, Warthog, Webweaver, Zombie, Zombie Fiend
  • Support for creature abilities which may change creature/player movement speed
  • Support for player abilities will now act speed up or slow down target movement
  • Ice Shard, Virulence, Deflect, Fury abilities will now change caster/target movement speed
  • Deflect ability duration reduced
  • Several items will now adjust player movement speed
  • Starting player items adjusted
  • New characters will be created with the abilities "Swift Strike" and "Quickshot"
  • "Swift Strike" is automatically assigned to the first hotkey (default F1) on new characters
  • Characters created before the update who did not already know the abilities "Swift Strike" and "Quickshot" may learn these abilities for free simply by visiting Kurt Talbot (Page Guilds leader) in Timari, or Thom Alingson (Guildmaster) in Empo Sar
  • Buff abilities will no longer add EXP into the skill pool, instead they only remove EXP from the pool. This fits better with the functionality of these abilities as support spells to be used alongside aggressive abilities
  • Abilities are now taught by drag & dropping from shop dialogues, instead of through NPC chats as before
  • Distance auto-attacks and abilities will now do about 16% higher damage than before
  • Added a basic banishment system
  • All applicants have been granted beta access
  • Embargo on sharing content of the beta removed