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Continent: Aerath
Description: Wirafal is a heavily forested area to the north of Milthorn and east of Maliera. It includes the human town named Driftop, and the orcish stronghold, Lraklar Fortress.

For warriors and merchants alike who walk the roads of Wirafal, little more than the occasional bandit is likely to bother them. However those who stray far from the road without a map will quickly find themselves lost. Yet even with a map and trusted guide, the deeper forests of Wirafal can be difficult to navigate. There are many tales told in the taverns of the surrounding areas which speak of how the trees actually move to confuse unwary travellers; coaxing them into traps with wirathistles, or just forcing them deeper into the dark heart of Wirafal.

One thing is certainly true, the forests of Wirafal are ancient and magical. And certainly not all the magic present is a threat.

Perhaps somewhat more of a threat to even the most hardened of travellers are the orcs who inhabit the area. During the second half of the second war of shadows, orcs built several immense fortresses in an attempt to tighten the Dark Lord Phobos' already slipping grip upon the world. One of the greatest was Lraklar Fortress on the eastern side of Wirafal. Many orcs fled Wirafal in the second fall of the Shadow, however others retreated into the caves and mountains to the east instead. By the year 800, orcs began to resurface, whilst Aerathians, tied up in their own conflicts, took little notice. The orcs were able to rebuild Lraklar Fortress to its former strength. Many of the old tunnels still exist, leading deep into the mountains. The nearby town of Driftop is often attacked by groups of orcs from Lraklar Fortress, the war and Emposian takeover of Maliera meant that Driftop often had little support during attacks in the past. However a wall now protects the town and Emposian guards keep a constant presence there.


Name Faction
Driftop Emposian Kingdom

Hunting Areas

Forest Protectorate
Lraklar Fortress
Wreckers' Bay