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Many years of study has made these students of magic masters in their art. However wizards must often plan their method of attack carefully, as they may have to build up their strength to use their most powerful spells, however this also allows them to harness some more unusual and arcane magics which defy understanding by the other magical classes. A skilled wizard may choose to rain down upon his enemies with destructive powers of great force, or to take a more subtle approach, by paralysing their enemies or even cloaking themselves from the view of unfriendly eyes.

Wizard Spells

Name Sprite Mana Type Description Cooldown
Restoration Heal other.png 150 protection Restores a large amount of health to a

target and a small amount to the caster as well. A movement speed buff lasting 4s will be applied to both target (+8%) and caster (+5%).

Absorb Absorb.PNG 60 protection Caster absorbs 5-25% of damage taken (% based on caster Wisdom and Protection) for 12 seconds. 15s
Virulence Virulence.PNG 80 nature You conjure a deathly concoction of pathogens and unleash them upon a target. Affected individuals will temporarily suffer a small amount of damage over time and slowed movement (-25%). For 2 seconds after the spell is cast, the effect is infectious to any individuals within 2 sqm. 10s
Pillar of Fire Fire aura.PNG 80 destruction A pillar of fire erupts upon a targeted tile and a flaming aura explodes out from it, burning all enemies on and adjacent to the target tile. 10s
Condemn Condemn.png 90 destruction Mark a target andafter 3 seconds deal damage equal to a percentage (15-30%) of thecurrent HP of the target, up to a maximum of 500 damage. 25s
Siphon Siphon.png 50 destruction Inflict high magicaldamage on a target within 3 sqm. If the ability kills the target thenthe caster is refunded half the MP cost of the ability, plus MP equal to 3x the target's level. 12s

Spells inherited from Apprentice

Spells inherited from Citizen

Pending Wizard Spells - DUE IN NEXT PATCH

Name Sprite Mana Type Description Cooldown
Absorb Absorb.PNG 90 protection, destruction Conjure a magical shield that blocks damage to the caster up to a set amount, for 8s. If cancelled, the shield dissipates damage equal to half of any remaining magic from the shield onto surrounding squares. 15s
Channel Energy File:ChannelEnergy.png 60 destruction For 3s, channel destructive energy towards a target. The closer the target, the higher the damage inflicted. 12s
Condemn Condemn.png 90 destruction Mark a target, reducing their movement speed (-25%). After 3s, or when the ability is cancelled, deal damage based on target missing health (+1% damage per 1% HP). If the damage kills the target, caster is granted mana (4x target level). 22s
Orb Pulse File:OrbPulse.png 40 destruction Shoot out 5 orbs of destructive energy in the direction of the targeted tile. Orbs that hit targets are consumed to deal damage. On re-casting the ability, recall any remaining orbs. 5s
Retribution File:Retribution.png 60 support For 6s, every attack against the caster slows the aggressor (-10%). The caster's attacks against aggressors apply additional damage (10-50% of triggering damage) after a brief delay. 16s