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Islands and Archipelagos





Accessible Towns

Those towns are currently accessible in-game. They are safe locations where there are NPCs, shops, banks, and houses.

Name Continent Region Faction
Aylestone Aerath Hilafo Emposian Kingdom
Brookton Aerath Hilafo Emposian Kingdom
Driftop Aerath Wirafal Emposian Kingdom
Empo Sar Aerath Erellor Emposian Kingdom
Mirai Aerath Firlow Emposian Kingdom
Queensbridge Aerath Unknown Emposian Kingdom
Timari Aerath Timar Emposian Kingdom
Tâgileim Aerath Northern Dawn Mountains Dwarves
Yethil Aerath Firlow Emposian Kingdom

Inaccessible Towns

Those towns are known through the game's lore but are currently inaccessible.

Name Continent Region Faction
Abon Unknown Unknown Unknown
Cendian Unknown Unknown Unknown
Corolint Aerath Korlayra Emposian Kingdom
Dal-Eran Unknown Unknown Unknown
Faer'el'daran Unknown Unknown Unknown
Flordrael Aerath Unknown Unknown
Kraan Aerath Cyran Emposian Kingdom
Leithe Falum Aerath Unknown Unknown
Sivaris Aerath Maliera Emposian Kingdom
Soralar Unknown Unknown Unknown
Uluthiane Unknown Unknown White Hand


Hunting Area