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In-game map of Yethil
Overview of the town of Yethil
Faction: Emposian Kingdom
Continent: Aerath
Region: Firlow
Description: Yethil is an Emposian town on eastern side of the Firlow Lake on Aerath.
Accessible since: 2014-11-02


Name Sprite Location Description
Abbott Findus Abbott Findus.png Priest
Anna Ryall Anna Ryall.png Stable Keeper
Bridget Rudhale Bridget Rudhale.png Smith
Captain Samuel Pidenath Captain Samuel Pidenath.png Steward of Yethil
Cole Stormwater Cole Stormwater.png Fisherman/Ferryman
Eorren Aigilin Eorren Aigilin.png Farmer
Nicholas Eavenstone Nicholas Eavenstone.png Ship Captain
Oulin Vaughan Oulin Vaughan.png Fisherman
Ralf Glenham Ralf Glenham.png General Supplies Shopkeeper
Rita Barms Rita Barms.png Landlady of The Fat Cat
Setzer Simmun Setzer Simmun.png House auctioneer