A Brief Study of Magic

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Book6.png A Brief Study of Magic is a book by Critos Thales. It can be found in at least three different locations in Erellor, Korlayra, and Timar.


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A Brief Study of Magic
by Critos Thales

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Magic has been a part of our world since the dawn of time. The magnitude and presence of magic has fluctuated throughout history, some stories tells us of times when magic was forgotten, and other times shunned by society. Today magic is something we all know exists, although not all are equally fond of its existence.

Scholars and magicians have throughout history spent uncountable hours exploring and tinkering with the intricacies of magic, always attempting to push the borders of what one can achieve. Unfortunately much has been forgotten today from what the magicians could do during the Age of Myths. Further, few ponder upon what magic itself actually is. 

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Explaining magic

Magic is in essence a manifestation of the energy that at all times surrounds us. Learned magicians can channel these streams of energy directly and form what we normally call spells. Some can also bind magic in physical forms, such as on scrolls or stone tablet, or within a potion. In some cases these magical artefacts can also be wielded by non-magicians.

The energy streams are in some areas stronger or weaker, or even in some cases non-existant. In the latter case one can not wield magic unless one have bound it in artefacts. Certain items, usually in the form of wands, can also amplify a spellcaster's magical power.

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The ability to wield magic has, however, a few limitations. When it comes to magic there are three kinds of people. First of all, a group of very few individuals are born with what we call talent. These people are born with the ability to wield magic, with or without guidance. The second group are those, equally few as the first, who never will be able to wield magic. The last, and the vast majority, are those who with proper guidance will eventually be able to wield magic properly. Common for them all is that one will not be able to tell what group they belong to before they hit puberty. Also, those who belong to the last and largest group typically have to begin their training during puberty, as the ability to learn will fade away with age

Fundamental elements

There are five different types of energy, normally called fundamental elements. The five fundamental elements are: fire, earth, water, air, and spirit. The last of them being somewhat enigmatic in nature, since it has not always been acknowledged as an element, but rather as some sort of "binder". Certain scholars and magicians have tried to couple spirit with another, possibly darker element, but success in this has never been proven, to my knowledge.