A Study of the Great War

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Book3.png A Study of the Great War is a book by Bede Assar. It can be found in the Royal Library in Empo Sar.


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A Study of the Great War
by Bede Assar

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A Study of the Great War

The Royal Emposian Library would like to apologise for the missing content of this work. This book was originally written during the Recovery in the beginning of the Age of Myths by an elven historian with the name Bede Assar. It is said that he was a survivor of the Great War that lead to the destruction of the old world, and marked the beginning of the Age of Myths. Others claim that he just wrote down what different survivors had seen, and that he himself was born after the Great War. What is certain is that this is one of very few records left that describe the horrors or the Great War. Unfortunately the original language was largely forgotten by the time the scholars of the Age of Myths started to translate it to the old tongue, and so large portions of the text were lost. Even more was lost when it was translated into the common tongue in our own age. Many of the words used in the original text, and the ones translated into the old tongue are so unfamiliar and without meaning that they have either been changed into what we believe they meant, or simply been removed from the text. in cases of names we've left them as they are. 

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...after continuous warring for several generations, even the meaning of the word “peace” had been forgotten by the younger generations. All they talked about was whether the believed Benj, Mosk or Merk would win the war. If it would ever stop. Don was also a frequent bet, but most thought of Don was a vassal of Merk and would therefore never use his vast navy against him...

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… After a failed attempt on taking Don, Mosk was overrun by Benj who now seemed to be the immediate victor of the war. The power of the desert was slowly gaining strength, most thought they would ally Merk against Benj...

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… Enormous birds covering the sky destroying all cities and villages they passed… moving houses of steel…cannons...mushrooms would be the salvation...

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...the world had taken a tragic turn; new terrifying weapons were released. Nobody knew who used them first, but everyone blamed each other. The poor victims who survived these weapons were often found in states of shock, badly burnt and soon became ill. Nausea, vomiting and fatigue were just some of the symptoms of the illness these poor victims showed...