Beyond the Seas of Our World

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Book12.png Beyond the Seas of Our World is a book by an unknown author. It can be found in the Royal Library in Empo Sar.


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Beyond the Seas of Our World
Unknown author

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Beyond the Seas of Our World 

In myths and legends from previous ages there are reports of huge land entities called "continents" surrounded by vast water bodies called "oceans". If this is true, it may well mean that we are not alone on Erasan. And that there might exist other worlds, or "continents" across the "oceans" (I believe the Methlon Sea to the east actually is an "ocean") so wide that we can not see across it. It may also mean that our whole belief that the entire world is already explored, and that one actually will fall off this world if one sails too far from land isn't entirely accurate. 

After reading through numerous ancient records from the previous age, I believe that there might be at least four such "continents" on Erasan. Their names are Aerath, Gialan, Kalur and Helur. What I have not been able to fully decide are which continents lay across which ocean, and the name of our own "continent"! My theory however is that Helur and Kalur are names of northern and southern continents, making Aerath and Gialan the western and eastern continents. Whether we are to the east or west I can not say. When it comes to the name of our own continent I am inclined to to choose Aerath ours, although without any reason; only a feeling I've had since I first found these names. 

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I am aware that these theories are highly debatable, but I stand on my beliefs that there is a new world out there only waiting for us to explore and settle.