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|  Erellor, Korlayra, Timar  
|  Erellor, Korlayra, Timar  
| [[Classes]]
| [[Classes(Book)|Classes]]
| [[Image:Book7.png|Book7.png]]
| [[Image:Book7.png|Book7.png]]
|  Erellor, Korlayra, Timar  
|  Erellor, Korlayra, Timar  

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Books can be found on most continents of Erasan, particularly in libraries but also in private collections, offices, treasuries and homes, among others. A book may have several copies stored in different locations, possibly with different covers. How much a book weights depends on what they look like, a reference table can be found at the bottom of this page.

Title Covers Locations
A Brief Study of Magic Book6.png Erellor, Korlayra, Timar
A History of Emposia Book7.png Erellor, Timar
A History of Great Smiths Book7.pngBook5.png Erellor, Timar
Calendars and Time Book4.png Erellor, Korlayra, Timar
Classes Book7.png Erellor, Korlayra, Timar
Classes (abridged) Book7.png Timar
Death and the Underworld Book7.png Erellor, Timar
Encyclopedia of Herbology Book5.png Erellor, Korlayra, Timar
Forina anomaly Book10.png Timar
Genesis Book.png Erellor, Hilafo, Korlayra, Timar
Great Historical Figures of Aerath Book7.png Erellor, Korlayra, Timar
Monarchs of the Emposian Kingdom Book Monarchs.png Erellor, Korlayra, Timar
The Age of Emposia Book7.png Erellor, Korlayra, Timar
The Founding of Timari Book7.png Erellor, Timar
The Fundamentals of Potions and Potionmastery Book5.png Erellor, Korlayra, Timar
The Hitchhiker's Guide to Erasan Book.png Erellor, Korlayra, Timar
The Owl of Timari Book7.png Erellor, Korlayra, Timar
The Tome of Skills Book3.png Erellor, Korlayra, Timar
The Tome of Strength, Wisdom and Dexterity Book3.png Erellor, Korlayra, Timar
Extract from: The Wonders of Alchemy Book11.png Erellor, Korlayra
Standard Elemental Abbreviations Book10.png Erellor, Korlayra
Korlayra anomaly Book10.png Korlayra
The Suns of Erasan Book4.png Erellor, Korlayra
The Gates Between Worlds Book7.png Erellor, Korlayra
Encyclopedia of Zoology Book5.png Erellor, Korlayra
Memories of Fundy Whitemoon Book10.png Erellor, Korlayra
Of Elves Book12.png Erellor, Korlayra
Fern: The Forgotten City Book7.png Erellor, Korlayra
The Malieran Wars Book7.png Erellor, Korlayra
The First Queen Book7.png Korlayra, Milthorn
The Gods and Goddesses of Erasan Book12.png Erellor, Hilafo, Korlayra
Out Of This World Book4.png Erellor, Korlayra
The Daggers of Almathr Book7.png Erellor, Korlayra
A Cold Midnight Visitor Book7.png Erellor, Korlayra
The Ballad of Aigelthin Book12.png Erellor, Korlayra
Of Stags and Fawns Book7.png Erellor, Korlayra
A Hymn of the Night Book8.png Erellor, Korlayra
A Brief Study of the Dwarven Language Book11.png Erellor
A Study of the Great War Book3.png Erellor
Of the White Hand Book11.png Erellor
Orc Origins Book7.png Erellor
The Ruling Houses of Emposia Book12.png Erellor
Grandum the Cruel Book7.png Erellor
Magical Artefacts: the Lost and the Legendary Book6.png Erellor, Hilafo
A Time of Fire Book7.png Erellor
Goo Dankin's Explanations of Nearly Everything Book12.png Erellor
Happiness Book8.png Erellor
Khalran and the Heart of Jhaed Book7.png Erellor
You Make Your Own Luck Book7.png Erellor
The Battle of Aigelthin Keep Book7.png Erellor
The Great Book of Keeping Secrets Book12.png Erellor
The Wisdom of Fools Book7.png Erellor
The Purpose and Meaning of Life Book7.png Erellor
The Truth of a Mad Magician Book7.png Erellor
The Hare and the Tortoise Book7.png Erellor
The Princess and the Hungry Trow Book7.png Erellor
Ode to the Clouds Book7.png Erellor
The Emerald Maiden Book7.png Erellor
Beyond the Seas of Our World Book12.png Erellor
The Music of the Spheres Book4.png Erellor
How New Worlds Are Born Book11.png Erellor
The Prophecies of Nor Darkhaven Book11.png Erellor
True Songs of the Cloud Seer Book7.png Erellor
Urys Flameborn and the Legacy of the Flameborn Family Book7.png Erellor
The Tales of Geadle the Guard Book5.png Erellor
Diary of Esterhazy Mutbukin Book12.png Tirapeth
Extract from the diary of Melvin Tyrol Book8.png Milthorn
Extract from the diary of Janet Carver Book8.png Firlow
Diary of Prieme Emaline Meadowflower Book8.png Hilafo
Diary of Endrelle Thullhammer Book8.png Korlayra
Diary of Seldryn Porao Book8.png Milthorn
The Broken Land of Slaves Book11.png Milthorn
Prayer Book Book3.png Milthorn
Diary of Ferorn Morphis Book3.png Milthorn


Covers Weight
Book10.png 400g
Book8.png 450g
Book.pngBook9.pngBook4.png Book6.pngBook11.pngBook3.png Book Monarchs.pngBook12.pngBook7.png 600g
Book5.png 850g