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Book7.png Classes is a book by Thom Alingson. It can be found in at least three different locations in Erellor, Korlayra, and Timar.


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by Thom Alingson

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Tier 1


All men and women of Erasan start life as citizens. Citizens are neither superior nor inferior in any one skill than another. Citizens who are looking to become warriors or magicians must soon make the choice of whether to become a page or an apprentice, in order to progress in their training.

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Tier 2


Pages are brave and honourable warriors, specialising in the various arts of physical combat. An adept page may be a master of close and distance combat. As such, pages possess the potential to train themselves in a variety of ways. They may learn to sustain torrential attacks from their enemies, wield great weapons with devastating ease, or efficiently dispatch their targets from a distance. As all the combat arts used by pages are physically demanding, they must be in peak physical condition to provide the strength and agility to carry out the array of feats available to them.

Naturally, stronger pages are able to equip heavier but less manoeuvrable armours, whilst the slighter agile or aggressive pages may prefer lighter armours. In order to become a page you need to join the Page Guild in Timari.

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Apprentices are students of magic and wisdom; the art of magic is heralded from the point of admission into the Apprentice's guild. Apprentices are taught from the early stages to harness and focus their energies into both offensive and defensive magic. During fearsome battles, apprentices are able to stand back and let magical energies fly, decimating anything in their paths, while easily curving their magic clear of allies in team battles or protecting themselves with a range of defensive enchantments. Whilst their wisdom allows them access to power pages can only dream of, they are physically much weaker and able to wear only light armours and robes. As a result apprentices are more vulnerable to attack than pages, even when shielded by their auras and enchantments.

In order to become an apprentice you need to join the Apprentice Guild in Timari.

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Tier 3

The following advanced classes are for experienced warriors and magicians only. The Guilds of Learning in Empo Sar are responsible for aiding and teaching students of each class, and so helping them on their journey through Erasan.


Whether as a calm, steadfast tank, or a volatile, raging juggernaut; the knight's ability with melee combat is second to none. With a great number of melee feats at their disposal, Knights overcome their enemies through strength and fearless resilience. As stronger blows are likely to inflict greater damage, strength is a knight's most important attribute, whilst dexterity is somewhat less crucial. The Knight's main weakness lies in their inability to comprehend more than the very simplest of magics, knights are restricted to using mainly buff spells to aid their effectivity with melee combat. Clothing: As a result of their excellent physical condition through their training, knights are able to wear the heaviest and most protective armours and wield the mightiest of weapons with great ease.

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Rogues are followers of the mid- and close-combat disciplines, able to sneakily weave their way through a group of enemies and throw a knife with astounding accuracy upon one target before disembowelling the next with a light melee weapon before the enemy knows what has hit them. Rogues are especially adept at incapacitating their enemies with a few quick well-aimed blows before finishing them off with a single final attack. Though not as deadly as a marksman, nor as tough or forceful as a knight, rogues are well practised in both distance and light-weapon melee combat, making them formidable opponents in both close and mid-distance combat. Clothing: Rogues wear moderate armours to provide sufficient cover to protect themselves without overly impairing their manoeuvrability.

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Marksmen are unsurpassed experts in the various forms of distance combat; using slings, bows and crossbows to bring down their enemies in the blink of an eye. A number of different feats are available to the adroit marksmen, ranging from fearsome barrages to deadly poisoned precision shots. As quick, nimble warriors, marksmen tend to stay on the edge of the fray - utilising hit-and-run tactics or exploiting their speed to put distance between themselves and their enemies. Although even when in a close combat situation, marksmen still have a few tricks up their sleeves.

Clothing: Moderate or light armours suit marksmen best, as their dextrous nature demands fairly light, lithe armour.

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Rangers are cunning and observant, balancing the training of ranged combat with the patient study of magic. They also have a good appreciation of the natural world, which they may often use to their advantage, especially in encouraging wild creatures to do their bidding. The main strengths of a ranger lie with magical and physical distance attacks; using magic to alter the power and damage of their distance attacks. In addition, rangers make good use of their knowledge of nature to control nearby creatures to fight for them.

Clothing: Rangers wear robes of light, flexible armours so as not to decrease the ease of their movements and spell casting.

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Clerics seek a balance between the ferocity of melee and the fascinations of magic. Whilst not as physically attuned as Knights may be, Clerics are able to utilise their magical knowledge and combine their abilities in order to execute various devastating melee feats, spells and enchantments. Of course not specialising in magic alone, clerics are not as talented magicians as sorcerers, nor as dangerous weapons-masters as knights, however by combining their knowledge, clerics may enchant their weapons and perform dazzling feats even the most skilled of knights would not usually be able to. in addition, clerics may shield and heal their fellow warriors, making them crucial team members in group battles.

Clothing: Clerics wear robes of light, flexible armours so as not to affect their agility and ability to cast spells.

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Shaman are natural magicians with a focus on support. While they may not have such a huge arsenal of attack spells as the wizard and sorcerer, shamen more than make up for it with an impressive selection of supportive spells. Shamen exploit the power of nature and are able to bend it to their will, even allowing them to control the minds of other creatures. Curses and other unspeakable black magic, may also be used as the tools of the shaman, making them formidable opponents indeed.

Clothing: The shaman's need to use magic restricts their armour choices to thin garments and robes.

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Many years of study has made these students of magic masters in their art. Although a wizard focuses largely on destructive magic, they may also have a good appreciation of supportive and protective magics. However wizards must often plan their method of attack carefully, as they may have to build up their strength to use their most powerful spells, however this also allows them to harness some more unusual and arcane magic, which defy understanding by the other magical classes. A skilled wizard may choose to rain down upon his enemies with destructive powers of great force, or to take a more subtle approach, by striking fear into the heart of their enemies or even cloaking themselves from the view of unfriendly eyes.

Clothing: The wizard's need to use magic restricts their armour choices to thin garments and robes.

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Sorcerers are masters of the elements, and their knowledge of them is the greatest of all the classes. Practised sorcerers may form all manner of elemental forces to hurl at their enemies; from blazing fireballs to bitter snowstorms, from bolts of lightning to earth shattering meteor strikes. However, a sorcerer's focus is largely aggressive, making them particularly vulnerable to attack themselves, even more so perhaps than the other magical classes.

Clothing: The sorcerer's need to use magic restricts their armour choices to thin garments and robes.