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Book7.png Classes (abridged) is a book by Thom Alingson. It's an abridged version of a more complete work by the same author, Classes. It can be found in at least two different locations in Timar.


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Classes (abridged)
by Thom Alingson

This abridged guide will help any hopeful hero in deciding which class they wish to join. For the even more studious, the full-length version is available from the Guilds of Learning and libraries in Timar and in Empo Sar.

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Classes (2)

All men and women of Erasan start life as citizens. Most citizens choose to specialise by training further in either physical or magical combat.

In Timari, two Guilds of Learning exist to enable this training, the Page Guild and the Apprentice Guild. Physical combat (melee and distance) fighters should join the Page Guild. Magic users should join the Apprentice Guild.

Subclasses (8)

The subclasses are named as follows: knight, rogue, marksman, ranger, cleric, sorcerer, shaman, wizard.

However, whether you choose page or apprentice in Timar will affect which of these subclasses are available to you later. Only a page may train to become a knight, rogue or marksman, and only an apprentice may study to become a sorcerer, shaman or wizard. The two hybrid classes, ranger and cleric, are available to both pages and apprentices.

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Page Only Subclasses


Whether as a calm, steadfast tank, or a volatile, raging Juggernaut; the knight s ability with melee combat is second-to-none. With a great number of melee abilities at their disposal, knights overcome their enemies through strength and fearless resilience.


Rogues are sneaky, agile, dagger and throwing weapon specialists. What the Rogue lacks in fortitude, they more than make up for in mobility. Rogues will slip in and out of the chaos of battle at will, leaving in their wake a silent trail of slaughter.


As unsurpassed experts in the various pure forms of distance combat, the adroit marksman uses bows, crossbows and firearms to bring down their enemies in the blink of an eye.

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Apprentice Only Subclasses


As students of witchcraft, curses and possession, shaman exploit their enemies' weaknesses through a subtle blend of control and cruelty. Not only may a shaman drain and weaken their enemies to bring them to their knees, but they may summon creatures from the world of the living and the dead to do their bidding as well.


Wizards are the masters of a variety of arcane arts, and are often described as the assassins of the magical world. Able to blink into or out of the fray in an instant, cloak themselves from the view of unfriendly eyes, and unleash a torrent of destruction around them; even a friendly wizard is best kept at sensible distance.


Sorcerers are masters of the elements in their rawest magical form. A practised sorcerer may farm all manner of elemental forces to hurl at their foes; from blazing fireballs to bitter-freezing waves of ice, from bolts of lightning to earth-shattering quakes.

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Page and Apprentice Shared Subclasses (Hybrids)


Rangers combine a proficiency with distance weapons with a patient study of magic and nature. The ranger may empower their abilities with a variety of enhancements and charm nearby creatures to come to their aid.


As famed warrior healers, clerics seek a balance between the ferocity of melee and the fascinations of magic. The cleric may imbue their weapon, allowing them to perform dazzling feats, whilst equally healing themselves and allies in need.