Death and the Underworld

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Book7.png Death and the Underworld is a book by Martha Kore. It can be found in at least three different locations in Erellor, Korlayra, and Timar.


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Death and the Underworld
by Martha Kore

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Death and the Underworld

The underworld is a place in which we will all find ourselves at some time or another. Whether it be to be in peace at the very end of our days, or having taken a wrong turn in our mortal lives. It is neither a place of eternal suffering, nor a heavenly paradise. The exact age of the underworld is unknown. And the gods who reside their are little help in answering most of our mortal questions about the place. It is known to be a physical location however, hidden in the bowels of Erasan. Although this has not always been the case.


Before The War Against the Shadow, death meant absolute death in Erasan. There was no returning to the world of the living after death; your spirit would vanish and you would be at peace. Some time during The War Against the Shadow however, it became apparent to the Creators, Lyria in particular, that her creations: the humans, elves and dwarves, were being wiped off the face of Erasan by the might of Phobos. Making gods of the mortal creatures would have had unforeseen and terrible consequences on the balance of the world, and would have divided the power of the creators; reducing their ability to fight Phobos themselves. 

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So it was decided: when the intelligent creatures of Lyria's creation (most notably: humans, elves and dwarves) died, they should not pass from the worlds of the living forever whilst there was still life-force in their spirits. Instead, the underworld would be formed, deep in the bowels of Erasan, accessible only to the spirits of mortals who have died; and therefore largely protected against the influences of Phobos. Through gates in the underworld, mortals who have died would be able to return to the worlds of the living, a part of the individual's life-force must be sacrificed.

The life-force of any being may run out at any time however, and they may be lost in the underworld for eternity, never to return to the worlds of the living.

Gods of the Underworld

The gods of the underworld are many, but rarely seen. Because of the protections Eanir and Lyria put upon the Underworld, these Gods shall never leave the underworld, nor will new gods ever enter it.