Diary of Endrelle Thullhammer

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Book8.png Diary of Endrelle Thullhammer can be found deep under the Korlayra mountains.


Page 1

[As you open the diary, the last extract attracts your attention.]

Alas, I delayed here too long. The dark will of the spirit of this strange crypt must have reanimated some of the corpses around me. For before I knew it, I was fighting for my life. I managed to kill the skeletal horrors, but I cannot progress any further until I have discovered how to reach the next room which I know exists to the west.

I survived to write this only by finding a small hole in one corner of the entrance to the crypt and now fear that it will become my tomb. In fact, I am sure now that I will once again feel the sun on my skin only if I return from the underworld.