Diary of Esterhazy Mutbukin

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Book12.png Diary of Esterhazy Mutbukin can be found below Tirapeth.


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Diary of Esterhazy Mutbukin

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Dear diary,

Understand this: Shrachlor is not merely a vicious beast. She is not merely the queen of some spider tribe residing underground. No, Shrachlor is so much more than that. You have heard the rumours, the myths, the lies. Now it is time you listened to the truth.

Shrachlor is the only offspring of two different species of spiders. Furthermore, one of said spiders is considered to be the last remaining specimen of a now extinct species. The resulting offspring would in most cases die when developing its poisonous attributes, as the two different poisons will react with one another and devour the baby spider. This was not the case with Shrachlor. However because of her mixed—species parents, she is unable to produce offspring of her own.

As proof of her unique existence, she carries the trademark of her mother's species; a set of spikes or horns erupting from her back. These horns are not only venomous, but also protect from aerial attacks to some extent. Sadly, in Shrachlor's case the horns are only partially matured and provide little or no protection at all, forcing her to seek shelter underground. There is also evidence that she might have developed a form of intelligence far beyond what a spider should be capable off. Whether this is a result of the unorthodox pairing of two species or not

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is still uncertain.

Her current residence is by the Portho Brook, near the gulley known as Tirapeth Gorge. For centuries this has been the breeding area of fierce arachnids. There have been several attempts at purifying the area, with no success, with little thank to Shrachlor. Her charismatic aura imprisons other spiders in absolute obedience, thus making her the queen of a tribe. The tribe seems to serve as compensation for her infertility.

Shrachlor is the only one of her kind, and the resulting loneliness is heartbreaking. She seeks the warmth of a loving family. How, it might seem impossible for a mere arachnid to express feelings, but keep in mind that Shrachlor is more than that. Her mindless subjects are not enough to satisfy her needs. At the same time, her primitive instincts tell her to feed. And as such comes the origin of the rumours surrounding her. Her conflicting "emotions" have, over time, developed into the cruelty of torture, and she now finds great joy in tearing her victims apart, slowly and thoroughly.

The dolorous queen, weeping as she devours her prey——longing for a family yet feeling the pain of her hunger. Anger, sadness, rage, murderous intent, primitive instincts. They all combine and make Shrachlor what she is.

I will free her, I will provide her with the love she

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requires. I will become her family, or die trying.

Esterhazy Mutbukin