Diary of Ferorn Morphis

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Book3.png Diary of Ferorn Morphis can be found in Cirastil Keep in Milthorn.


Page 1

[As you open the diary, one extract attracts your attention.]

Lydium, 6th month of the year 926. As I write this, Emposia and its unlikely allies have pushed us to the brink of defeat. Cirastil Keep is one of Maliera's last bulwarks against the Emposian forces closing in from the south. Soon they will siege this stronghold. My men and I don't fear death. We have seen it strike our enemies and take our friends. We were raised in war times and moulded by battles. Personally, I fear the end.

War is opportunity, it changes society, it gives birth to heroes and writes legends. The fight for survival pushes men to inhuman heights. I was a poor child, likely doomed to scrape a living on the street, had it not been for war. It called to me, guided me to ancient spell books and helped me surpass all men in iron plates by birthright. If war ends, I end. Royal court is no place for warriors when war ends.

We are ready to die, but we will make them sing about us as we pass.

Ferorn Morphis, Captain of Cirastil Keep.