Diary of Seldryn Porao

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Book8.png Diary of Seldryn Porao is the diary of Seldryn Porao. It can be found in the mines at Hilafo.


Page 1

*As you open the diary, a few extracts attract your attention.*

Entry 1
There was a new arrival in the camp last night, a man calling himself Redruil Dejucass. He says he's part of our cause and seemed to know Captain Lews. Though he comes and goes and rarely sleeps in the camp itself. The first time he arrived, Redruil and Captain Larminath talked long into the night. I can only guess the news he brings is good, as the mood around the captain's table was better than it has been for years. None of the rest of us know why yet though.

Entry 2
Redruil introduced himself to us all today. Having been sceptical in the beginning, I seem to find myself liking this man instantly, and I know I'm not alone in that. He's a remarkable man, though gives little away about himself.

Entry 3
I overheard a conversation between Redruil and the captain today. It seems that the captain knows little more than us about this great plan to overthrow the Emposian rule. Who IS this man? Even more than his unquestionable strength and knowledge of magic; it is his ability to demand trust and loyalty in every word he speaks, which scares me most.

Page 2

Entry 4
My curiosity got the better of me earlier today. Redruil seemed to be in some pain, though I knew better than to ask why. He asked me to collect a selection of plants for a potion he was making, though I didn't recognise the mixture as any standard healing potion recipe. After collecting him the ingredients I secretly watched as he added them one by one then finally a single drop of liquid from a vial he kept in his cloak. The potion turned a pale blue after a few seconds, and he collected it into a bottle and left it to cool. He then took an old, crumpled book from his bag and then with one palm face down on the cover, began to recite some sort of charm, but I didn't recognise it. He then threw the book onto the fire and watched it begin to burn. A few seconds later a messenger ran into the chamber and told Redruil something that must have been important, as he stormed out of the chamber in a hurry, barely giving the still burning book a second glance. The doors of the chamber slammed shut behind Redruil and the messenger.

I couldn't help myself. I picked myself up and ran to the fire where the book was still burning, took it from the fire and stamped the smouldering pages out on the cold dirt floor. Most of the pages were burnt beyond recognition, or were full of words I didn't even recognise, but a few had survived. They talked of the element Spirit, and how the dark lord Phobos had used it during the shadow wars, although most of it I didn't understand.

Page 3

Entry 5
Ever since Redruil left, Captain Larminath has confined himself to his room. None of us dare disturb him, but Mikel swore blind that he could hear mumbled prayers in a strange dialect through the door.