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Book5.png Encyclopedia of Zoology is a book by Cecily Grey and Maud Savill. It can be found in the Royal Library in Empo Sar and the library in Mirai.


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Encyclopedia of Zoology
by Cecily Grey and Maud Savill

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Volume 12: The Badseed Bird

They come from a land far far away across the sea. They come during foggy nights, when it rains. 

Also apart from these sayings the Badseed Bird is a phenomenon. They are the biggest specimen of Erasan's avifauna to be reported and acknowledged and seem to be the only ones with a sense for material property: from the day they start flying till they stop to nest, they carry around a seed of the size of an apple in their beak. 

While speaking of nests, I must clarify, that Badseed Birds are huge birds. Their nests are far different from the ones we know from more "conventional" birds. The Badseed Bird prefers big mountain caves over nests built of wood and leaves, simply due to their size. Orthodox nests would have to be built of treestumps to be big enough. 

Another notable fact about the Badseed Bird, whose importance would actually deserve its own book, is the magical abilities and connection to nature that seems to underlie the mating and procreation behaviour of these creatures. The first thing to mention on this is the fact that the Badseed Bird doesn't seem to be in need of a partner to procreate. They only seem to need the seed. Numerous independent observations, claimed to have been made by lucky ornithologists, suggest the Badseed Bird to 

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always be of male gender. The fact that, after the bird lays to nest in a cave, a tree of dimensions proportional to the bird grows in inexplicable speed atop the cave, substantiates this observation and the idea of the Badseed Bird’s magical abilities and connections to nature.