Extract from the diary of Janet Carver

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Book8.png Extract from the diary of Janet Carver can be found in Firlow.


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Diary of Janet Carver

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The fair fields and rolling hills of Firlow have long been the unusual site of a number of mysteries in which I have a keen interest. Perhaps most notably amongst these hidden secrets are the lives of the cave—dwelling goblin in the south—eastern parts of Firlow. Whilst goblin caves often show signs of scorch marks and broken stones where dynamite was used to fashion smaller crags into mighty caverns, these caves were instead carved out by a network of underground streams flowing down into the Red Sea to the south.

Fires heat steaming pots of boiling liquid here and there throughout the caves, providing the damp air favoured by the blowbugs which spawn here. Blowbugs, or bombugs, have long been a favourite tool of the goblins. Not only do these malevolent little critters satisfy goblin lust for explosions, but also the warm, gelatinous, sticky green substance that remains after they blow themselves up is surprisingly easily collected and is used in a number of goblin potions. The goblins profess that this substance increases the fervour of destructive spells if prepared correctly. However most of these preparations are simply not palatable for human tastes.

Whilst the goblins here are not exactly warriors, they certainly do not lack a devotion to violence. At the northern—most point in their caves, four skull totems mark the hazardous fall into the caverns where

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blowbugs are spawned, fed, and brought to maturity. Falling into this pit unawares must surely bring the death of even the most hardened knight. As almost happened to me on the first occasion that I chanced to sneak through these caves. It is here that their most treasured items are kept, apparently waiting for a goblin warrior to take up arms and lead this small group to wealth and glory.