Forina anomaly

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Book10.png Forina anomaly is a book by Geruda Xois, Nora Pebbleburton and Girinath Longsilve. It can be found in Timar.


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Forina anomaly
Geruda Xois, Nora Pebbleburton, Girinath Longsilve

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The events leading to the destruction of Forina in Timar in 994 and continued undead presence without the control of a necromancer or other controller are poorly understood. We investigated the possible causes of the current state of Forina which have made it such an unusual site.

Most importantly, we found considerable levels of residual magic (especially spirit) lingering in the area. Residual energy from magic use is common in the circumstances, although it would be expected to decrease over time. Unusually however, we found that residual energy levels have not varied significantly in Forina over the past five years of our investigation.

In a somewhat disappointing summary, our findings seem to pose more questions than they answers; although there is clearly something unique about this site. Further research is definitely required for a proper understanding. We have also heard reports of similar sites in Korlayra, which we also plan to explore in the future.

Many thanks to Zous Athrondor and Marias Peraphil for their help in the Royal Emposian library and for providing various pieces of important information which was a great help during our investigation.