Grandum the Cruel

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Book7.png Grandum the Cruel is a book by Lady Philippa Tokura. It can be found in the Royal Library in Empo Sar.


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Grandum the Cruel
by Lady Philippa Tokura

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Innocent beginnings 

Grandum ziTiratoris Tokura, son of King Tiratoris I and Queen Lyda, was the second oldest of five siblings. The oldest was King Litorious I who died during a plague in 546. Grandum didn't at first wish to become king, but was strongly encouraged into taking the throne after his brother's death, despite his young age. Most of the noblemen and advisors who talked Grandum into taking the throne would later on wish they never had done so, and rather had let his younger brother, Honorus, take the throne as Grandum had initially wished. 

As a child Grandum was a cheerful boy, always smiling and laughing, and always charmed the nanny so he could do what he wanted. And during the later years of his youth he became popular among both men and, perhaps even more—so, women. Nobody would ever guess that Grandum would turn into the monster he did. 

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Terrors of later life 

His most widely known deed was to send the entire army into the lower city during a riot, giving his soldiers a standing order to kill whoever they saw, an event which is now known as the Juul Massacre of 552. But that was far from the worst. Only a year after his coronation Grandum started becoming more and more paranoid and ordered the assassination of his two sisters, his brother Honorus, their spouses and children. He also locked his mother up in the Prison Tower to die. But after murdering his entire family, he was still paranoid, and several nobles, officers of the army, advisors and even simple servants were assassinated by Grandum's not—so—secret assassination squad, Black Blood. 

In 550 however, the nations were stopped. After 3 years of a terror-regime, Grandum disbanded Black Blood as an assassination squad, and integrated the members as a part of the newly founded Royal Emposian Police Force. To begin with, people thought this would be end to the horror, but they couldn't be more wrong. Grandum now started hunting down civilians. Almost all crimes were punished with a death penalty, and some of them were extraordinary horrifying. Among his methods of execution was sticking people alive to a pole where they could hang for hours before the pain killed them, and that was one of the better ways. It was mainly due to such gruesome methods that the riots in Notrim, which led 

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to what is now referred to as the Notrim Massacre, of the lower city first occurred, but there were also other reasons behind it.

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A month after the Juul Massacre, in Eadon, Grandum was assassinated by order of his nephew, Aegum, who had survived the earlier murders. Aegum then took the throne for himself. It was never a secret that Aegum had been behind the murder of former King Grandum, nevertheless the majority of Emposian people embraced the new king and rejoiced the end of Grandum’s reign.