How New Worlds Are Born

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Book11.png How New Worlds Are Born is a book by Zeletia Nemos. It can be found in the Royal Library in Empo Sar.


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How New Worlds Are Born
by Zeletia Nemos

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How Now Worlds Are Born 

From time—to—time, old worlds are abandoned to the terror of Phobos. And occasionally, a path into new worlds may also open up. Sometimes these new worlds are opened up purely by the Gods themselves. Sometimes however, the Gods will ask for aid from mortals in opening up new worlds. 

When the help of mortals is called upon, it is usually because a new world must be quickly established to replace an old collapsing one, it is also because the Gods are few in comparison to mortals, and ironically, whilst mortals may almost always be reincarnated after death (even if death occurs in another dimension), there are sometimes forces at work in new worlds which could harm even the so—called 'immortal' Gods. 

In order to render a world safe, a large number of world gates in the world must be activated. However of course, not all the worlds may be at the same state in time as our own, so whilst the world gates will all be in the same positions in space in the new world as they were in the old world, the surroundings may be very different. Fortunately, when the Gods open the way into a new world, we are able to travel directly through many of the world gates; as often attempting to travel from one world gate to another would be almost impossible. 

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Once enough world gates have been opened, the Gods are able to copy the state of the old worlds and use it as a template to reshape the new world. The reasons for doing this are widely debated, however I will discuss my own views on them another time.