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Name Sprite Weight Location Function
Melius Lirdenlath's Key Melius Lirdenlaths Key2.png 30 Melius Lirdenlath's house, second floor Opens the alchemy store in the first floor
Rhoburn Orc Fortress Key Rhoburn Orc Fortress Key2.png 30 Stack of barrels in the orc fort Opens three doors in the underground of the orc fort
Jerdrus Deicalus' House Key Fern_Ruins_Key2.png ‎ 30 Skeleton cave in Forina Opens the entrance to Jerdrus Deicalus' House
Cradlestone Hall Key Cradlestone Hall Key2.png 30 Trordrin Cradlestone's house Opens a room at Cradlestone Hall in Forina
Northern Mines Key Northern Mines Key2.png 30 NPC Eleonore Opens the northern Hilafo mines
Nilkas Lower Mines Key Nilkas Lower Mine Key2.png 30  ?  ?
Wellwatch Chapel Key Wellwatch Chapel Key2.png 30 Wellwatch Chapel  ?
Outlaw Clanhall Key Outlaw Clanhall Key2.png 30  ?  ?
Fern Ruins Key Fern Ruins Key2.png 30  ?  ?
Fern's Old Bank Vault 30  ?  ?
Cirastil Keep Tower Cirastil Keep Tower Key.png 30  ?  ?
Ferorn Morphis' Tower Key Ferorn Morphis Tower Key.png 30 Ferorn Morphis' room Opens several doors in Fern
Oceanwatch Clanhall Key Oceanwatch Clanhall Key2.png 30 Gleade Orcat, south gate of Empo Sar Opens some of Empo Sar walls' doors
Geadle Orcat's House Key Geadle Orcats House Key2.png 30 Gleade Orcat, south gate of Empo Sar Opens Gleade Orcat's house
Hidden Gang Storage Key Hidden Gang Storage Key2.png 30 Lower City of Empo Sar Opens a house in Empo Sar
Hidden Outlaw Cave Key Hidden Outlaw Cave Key3.png 30 Zombie room at the outlaw cave in Yethil Opens the storage room at the same cave
Hidden Outlaw Cave Key Hidden Outlaw Cave Key4.png 30 Outlaw cave in Yethil Opens a room with zombies in the same cave
Nysandra Celistriel's Key Nysandras Key2.png 30  ?  ?