Khalran and the Heart of Jhaed

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Book7.png Khalran and the Heart of Jhaed is a book by an unknown author. It can be found in the Royal Library in Empo Sar.


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Khalran and the Heart of Jhaed
Unknown author

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Once upon a time there was a young dwarf named Khalran Ghalranson, who lived at the base of a great mountain with his father, mother and two brothers. The family didn't have a lot of money. But one day the king sent out a message all over the kingdom, that the one who could bring him the Heart of Jhaed would in return receive his lovely daughter's hand in marriage and half of the kingdom to rule.

Word of the King's quest spread from north to south and from east to west, all over Erasan adventurers talked about the Heart of Jhaed. Some said it could be found in the Sky Mountains in Gialan, some said it could be found in the glaciers of Kalur whilst others thought they would have to travel to the lava deserts of Helur. Nobody really knew where this Heart of Jhaed could be found; all they knew was what was said in the fairy tales told to small children, "...East of the sea, west of the hills, north of the islands and south of the ice. That is where Jhaed left his heart for the humble to find and to rule as king."

When word of this message reached Khalran and his two brothers, all three wanted to leave and find the Heard of Jhaed, but their father forbid them all to leave as he needed help at home. So the eldest of the three, Gjoran, packed his things and left to find the Heart of Jhaed while the two others stayed home.

Gjoran travelled far, far away. To the tallest mountains and to the deepest dungeons, from the

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coldest mountaintops to the warmest deserts, but after five years he had still not found the Heart of Jhaed and went home in shame.

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Next out was the middle brother, Larhk, he too travelled all over Erasan for five long years, but not even he could find the Heart of Jhaed.

Soon after the return of his two brothers, Khalran wanted to travel abroad himself, but his father forbid him; for if his two brothers had travelled the world and not found a single clue, why should he? Khalran was of course disappointed with his father's refusal to let him travel to distant lands to search for the Heart of Jhaed, however there was nothing to stop him searching the lands nearby.

For seven days he walked over plains and through forest, marsh and mire. Until finally, there on a rock in clearing of a forest, east of the Jarrah Ocean, west of the dwarven mountains, north of the Faerilin Archipelago and south of the ices of Kalur. There he found the Heart of Jhaed, just as it had been said in the fairy tales he heard as a child.

He ran for 12 days and 12 nights to the kings castle and when he arrived he was met with doves, trumpets and cheering masses. For now he was to marry the kings lovely daughter and rule half of the Kingdom by her side.