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Whether as a calm, steadfast tank, or a volatile, raging juggernaut; the knight's ability with melee combat is second-to-none. With a great number of melee feats at their disposal, knights overcome their enemies through strength and fearless resilience. The knight's main weakness lies in their inability to comprehend more than the very simplest of magics; knights are restricted to using mainly buff spells to aid their effectiveness with melee combat.

Knight Spells

Name Sprite Mana Type Description Cooldown
Deflect Deflect.png 20 defense (global) Increased dodge chance (+50%) and defense (+25%) against physical attacks for the next 5s; starting at a maximum and decreasing by half with every subsequent hit. Movement is slowed (-15%) for the duration of the spell. 20s
Armament Armament.png 90 defense (global) Adopt a defensive posture for 10s, boosting your physical and magical defences (+30%), but at the cost of attack damage (-10%), attack speed (-20%) and movement speed (-10%). For the last 3s of the ability, recoup 33% of your total health. 40s
Berserk Berserk.png 40 + 1/s support Deal instant damage on surrounding tiles on activation, then increase melee attack speed (+25%), melee damage (+10%), and movement speed (+10%), but reduce shield defence (-50%). Press hotkey once to activate, press again to deactivate. 10s
Power Strike File:Power Strike.png 40 melee (global) Deal a single powerful melee hit to a target, and applying minor splash damage to all squares adjacent to that target. 15s
Heroic Strike File:Heroic Strike.png 60 melee (global) Deal high damage to a single target and lesser damage to all three sqm in the facing direction. 18s
Swift Strike Swift Strike.png 20 melee (global) You deal a single melee hit to your current combat target with slightly increased physical damage (+15%). This ability resets the auto-attack timer. Requires a melee weapon to be equipped. 4s
Charge Charge.png 35 support Your excellent physical conditioning allows you to push your body to its limits. Gain bonus movement speed for 3.5s, peaking up to a maximum of +60% bonus speed after 1s. 14s