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Book10.png Korlayra anomaly is a book by Geruda Xois, Nora Pebbleburton, Girinath Longsilve. It can be found in Korlayra.


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An examination of the Korlayra anomaly
Geruda Xois, Nora Pebbleburton, Girinath Longsilve

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In a previous report we have looked into what we have termed the "Forina anomaly", in which lesser undead, such as zombies and skeletons, remain in Forina without the influence of a necromancer or other controller. Here we explore a similar phenomenon occurring in Korlayra.

As in Forina, we found large amounts of residual spirit magic in two particular areas. The first area was in Ravenscar Fortress, where spirit levels were higher than in Forina. Although there is known to be a lich in the area, the residual spirit energy doesn't seem to be a direct result of that undead creature's presence. In a second area, in the deeper set of dungeons and halls, we found the same, but lower levels of spirit than in Forina and the other Korlayra site. In both new cases, these levels didn't decrease over the four years of our investigation. Returning to Forina briefly since our last investigation we found only a tiny decrease in magic since the first measurement almost 10 years ago; much less than expected. Astonishingly, we also found that levels of spirit energy in the two Korlayra sites and Forina oscillated very slightly and in almost identical patterns over time. We have so far found no explanation or cause for these oscillations.

It is interesting that battles with Malieran and Emposian groups has occurred at all three of these sites. The Emposian-Malieran conflict raged across

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Korlayra for many years, and Forina was touched by rebel Malieran presence even more recently. The presence of undead in these areas would suggest a role of black magic, and the more liberal view of dark magic use by Malierans would seem to fit particularly well with this. What this actually means we don't yet know.

Thanks to Zous Athrondor, Marias Peraphil and Sarah Nuleth for their help and providing various pieces of important information which was a great help during our investigation.