Magical Artefacts: the Lost and the Legendary

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Book6.png Magical Artefacts: the Lost and the Legendary is a book by Halus Piaris. It can be found in Erellor and Hilafo.


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Magical Artefacts: the Lost and the Legendary
by Halus Piaris

[This book describes many old lost artefacts. A few pages in particular catch your eye.]

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The Armor of the Gods

The 'Armor of the Gods' is a legendary armor of almost impenetrable strength, thought to have been crafted by one of the Gods. It is supposed that this magnificent armor was placed on Erasan as a curious experiment by one of the lesser Gods in order to see how the creatures of Erasan would react to such an object.	

There have been numerous mentions of armors which are said by their owners to make the wearer untouchable, especially during the periods of the Great War and the Shadow War. However it is impossible to prove whether these are references to items of exquisite mortal construction, or something more. What does appear clear, is that references of such armors appear to occur only during times of great peril for Erasan. So perhaps it would be better if this artefact remained lost forever.

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The Lolomnicon

Since being found in the ruins of an ancient city on Lindum, the Lolomnicon has been cloaked from public eyes. The Acadh Cinn of academics and magicians, in whose keeping the book was given after it was found by Emposian explorers, remain silent about the book's contents and whereabouts. Older sources, including other books and manuscripts also found in the ruins, often refer to the Lolomnicon as a "source of great sorcerous power".

One source even quotes the Lolomnicon's first lines as follows:
"True happiness is what you are craving for. You, that you are holding the Lolomnicon in your hands, know that truthful felicity is not to be found in a book."

Whether the quote is real or not will remain a matter of speculations as long as the Acadh Cinn does not reveal more information. Still, many experts regard the excerpt as very likely to be authentic as again other, independent sources speak of the Lolomnicon as keeper of the secrets of fortune and glee.

Little more is known about the Lolomnicon — the Acadh Cinn keep it shut up in their archives and stays silent about any detail. It is often used by theorists and academics who criticise the Acadh Cinn for this closeness. Such critics claim it as proof for the Acadh Cinn's hunger for its own power, rather than a loyalty

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to science and pursuit of knowledge. Indeed, many feel the reason for the Acadh Cinn's behaviour is to keep this source of power exclusive. However, as is almost everything surrounding the topic of the Lolomnicon, this will also stay a matter of speculation.

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The Daggers of Almathr

The Daggers of Almathr is a fairytale about how fortune gets the better of a blacksmith, called Almathr, when three beautifully crafted daggers mysteriously appear on his workbench. The story goes that the daggers were sold to a noble, a knight and an assassin. Mentions of exquisitely wrought weapons which match the descriptions of the fairytale daggers litter the pages of history, and usually blood is spilt around them.

Their origins are not explained in the fairytale. However it has been suggested by various scholars that if they exist, they are likely to be of heavenly origin; perhaps left on earth as a test, by accident, or simply for one of the God's own amusement.