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Marksmen are unsurpassed experts in the various forms of distance combat; using bows, crossbows and firearms to bring down their enemies in the blink of an eye. A number of different feats are available to the adroit marksmen, ranging from fearsome barrages to deadly poisoned precision shots. As quick, nimble warriors, marksmen tend to stay on the edge of the fray - utilising hit-and-run tactics or exploiting their speed to put distance between themselves and their enemies. Although even when in a close combat situation, marksmen still have a few tricks up their sleeves.

Marksman Spells

Name Sprite Mana Type Description Cooldown
Charge Charge.png 35 support Your excellent physical conditioning allows you to push your body to its limits. Gain bonus movement speed for 3.5s, peaking up to a maximum of 60% bonus speed after 1s. 14s