Memories of Fundy Whitemoon

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Book10.png Memories of Fundy Whitemoon is a book by Claire Mirarla. It can be found in Mirai and the Royal Library in Empo Sar.


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Memories of Fundy Whitemoon
by Claire Mirarla

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Fundy Whitemoon was, although a somewhat unusual character, an astonishing wizard, dedicated environmentalist and inspired inventor. 

I will never forget one particular occasion I met him when I was sent as a messenger to him after he had failed to turn up for a meeting at the Acadh Cinn in Leithe Falum. When I arrived at Fundy's house I raised my hand to knock, but before I could, Fundy came flying out, accompanied by various whizzing sounds and loud bangs, and slammed the door shut behind himself. Wiping his brow he looked at me for the first time and, recognising my uniform, said something under his breath — which I guess wasn't giving thanks to the Gods — then began to apologise for missing the appointment. 

After asking my name, he then turned back to his door and opened it tentatively, before murmuring "damn fithilius" and entering. I remember having to stop myself gasping, as the use of fithilius powder is outlawed throughout the Emposian Kingdom. I found out later Fundy is considered an exception to such rules. 

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Fundy then poked his head round the door and invited me in, saying he just had to find a few papers. He then began to say various words, apparently at random. But every so often, a yell from under a pile of papers would answer Fundy and each time he would rush over, throwing papers and scrolls into the air, and gems and various strange contraptions onto the floor, before finding what he was looking for and shoving it into one of his many pockets. The last time he repeated this process, Fundy said:
"Softshell", and an answering yell of "SOFTSHELL" came from a pile of papers right next to me, almost making me jump out of my boots.
"Softshell?" I asked.
"SOFTSHELL" answered the pile of papers.
"Yes" said Fundy, nodding. "That’s right. Softshell." 
"SOFTSHELL" answered the pile of papers, making me jump again, and I was sure I saw a faint playful grin pass across Fundy's face.
"A turtle indigenous to the area around Leithe Falum that your beloved Acadh Cinn has decided is not important enough to protect." He then looked up at me from the pile of papers end realised that wasn't what I'd meant.
"Oh sorry, I call them scream stickynotes", he explained quite happily. "I write a few words on one of the notes and when someone says those words the note yells them back." 

Fundy had stuck these notes to important papers and items to make sure he didn't lose them. Whilst 

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brilliant, Fundy seemed to have decided this was a novel alternative to filing… or indeed – judging by his reputation and state of his house – organisation at all.