Monarchs of the Emposian Kingdom

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Book Monarchs.png A Brief Study of Magic is a book by Critos Thales. It can be found in at least three different locations in Erellor, Korlayra, and Timar.


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Monarchs of the Emposian Kingdom
by Tia Heraldor

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Since the Emposian Kingdom was founded nearly a millennia ago there have been two houses holding the Throne of the White Lion, the House of Baerin and the House of Tokura. In this book you will find a list of all the monarchs who have reigned Empo Sar throughout history. The years of their reign are in parantheses.

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The founders of Empo Sar were all Baerlings, and with a small exception from 490-635, the House of Baerin have been the rulers of Empo Sar.

Aigelthin I "the Founder" (165-208)
Born in 100 EY.
Aigelthin Grindumson al'Baerin was a prominent member of the House of Baerin and was crowned the first king of Emporium Sariele in 165. Aigelthin built the castle of Empo Sar and founded the city around it. Wars against neighbouring powers, especially Kraan, reduced Aigelthin I's ability to expand the city and the fledgling kingdom. But he was hailed by his people as a bringer of stability and relative prosperity following the War Of Shadows. He died in 208 from natural causes at the age of 108.

Eirim I (208-239)
Born in in 155 EY.
Eirim Aigelthinson was crowned as the second king of the Emposian Kingdom in 208. Although this was the wish of their father, a bloody civil war between himself and his brother Graaf Aigelthinson continued from his crowning to the year 216. Eirim later built the Aigelthin Tumeri, finished the original outer wall of Empo Sar shortly before war was declared by the Kraan Kingdom. He was lost in battle against Kraan in 239.

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Aegili I (239-247)
Born in 185.
King Aegili I was crowned king after his fathers heroic death in 239. Aegili later won the war against Kraan and annexed the whole kingdom before he died of natural causes in 247.

Mirtus I (247-265)
Born in 215.
Mirtus I was crowned king after his father's death in 247. He was later lost to natural causes in 265.

Garlath I (265-287)
Born in 240.
Crowned king after his father's death in 265, Garlath was just 47 years old when he died in 287. It is sometimes suggested that he died in suspicious circumstances.

Aegili II (287-301)
Born in 242.
Crowned king after his brother's death in 287. This was only meant to be temporarily until Garlath's son would be of age. However he was lost when it was time to pass on the crown when he died of natural causes in 301. Aegili never had any heirs of his own.

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Lubjale I (301-339)
Born in 286.
Crowned king after his uncle's death in 301. Lubjale died due to a terrible misfortune during a hunt in 339. He had no direct heir to the crown.

Hallum I (339-405)
Born in 315.
Crowned king after his half—brother's unfortunate death in 339. Died of natural causes in 405.

Hirald I (405-411)
Born in 380.
Crowned king after his father's death in 405. Died in an accident in 411.

Eulin I (411-425)
Born in 399.
Crowned king after his father's death in 411. Eulin was an incompetent king and refused to listen to his advisers, something that made the Emposian economy break down in 414. In 421 the emposian people had had enough and riots broke out all over the kingdom. Michlen, a descendant of Aegili II and Garlath I's shy brother claimed the crown, but was killed in the Leyritur Angos massacre. The riots continued however, and with greater ferocity, until 425 when Eulin abdicated under mounting pressure in favour of Aigelthin II, brother of Michlen. Eulin was immediately arrested and jailed. It is reported that Eulin committed suicide in 426.

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Aigelthin II "the Builder" (425-478)
Born in 400.
Crowned king after Eulin I's abdication in 425. Aigelthin is widely acknowledged for his work immediately after his coronation to restore the Emposian economy and foreign relations to other countries. He also built the outer wall of Empo Sar, the Royal Library of Empo Sar, the Empo Sar harbour and gave orders to build a massive sewer system in the city. He died at the age of 78 in 478.

Lubjale II (478-490)
Born in 430.
Lubjale II was crowned king after the death of his father, Aigelthin II in 478. However he died without direct heirs in 490. Resulting in the handing over of the control of the crown to the House of Tokura.

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The House of Tokura, an offspring of the House of Osric, are also the historic founders of the Kraan Kingdom. Most of the Tokurans ruling after Tiratoris were considered mad and in one way or another, no good.

Tiratoris I (490-523)
Born in 450.
Tiratoris was crowned king after the death of Lubjale II aged 40. Following the Emposian annexation of Kraan in 244, the nobility of Kraan (the Tokurans) made a deal with the Emposians, promising that they would subject to the Emposians and defy all thoughts of revolt if the highest ranking Tokuran could claim the title as king of the Emposian Kingdom as long if ever there was no Baerling to rightfully claim the title.

And this is what happened in 490 when Lubjale II died without any direct heir. Tiratoris ordered an expedition to make an accurate map of western Aerath in 490, and after its return in 491 he commanded an expedition to found the village of Seawatch in 492. Tiratoris I died of natural causes in 523.

Litorious I (523-546)
Born in 503.
Crowned king after his father in 523. Died due to a plague that hit Empo Sar in 546 and killed hundreds of people before it was gone after only a month.

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Grandum I "the Cruel" (546-553)
Born in 515.
Crowned king after his brother's death in 546, Grandum I was unexpectedly to become one of the most loathed kings in Emposian history. During the riot in Empo Sar lower city of 552, Grandum declared the rioters enemies of the state and sent his army into the lower city and slaughtered the rioters. Those who survived the slaughter were taken prisoner and many were executed two days later. This event is later remembered as "the Notrim Massacre". Grandum was assassinated by his nephew Aegum in 553.

Aegum I (553-588)
Born in 536.
Crowned king after assassinating his uncle in 553. Even though everybody knew that Aegum had killed his own uncle, the people embraced the new king and made him their own. Aegum died in 588 after an accident during a hunt.

Hathus I (588-635)
Born in 568.
Hathus I was crowned king after his father's accidental death in 588. Hathus never married, and the rumours were that he barely touched women, and that he secretly had a male lover. It was during Hathus' reign that the Timar Valley was fully discovered and the Timar Temple was built. Hathus died heir—less in 635 after a longer period of illness.

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Ailgeth I (635-711)
Born in 617.
Crowned king after Hathus' unfortunate death in 635. After over a century of Tokuran rule, the Baerlings finally found an heir to the crown themselves. Ailgeth was born in Aylestone, and could trace his family back to Aigelthin II himself. Ailgeth abdicated in favour of his brother Eirim II in 711. It is known that the last thing Ailgeth did as king was to have a large ship built that he travelled east, across the ocean with. Rumours says he wanted to settle down in the mythical land of Lindum. Nobody knows when Ailgeth died, but he abdicated at an age of 94, and was said to be strong as a 40-year-old man.

Eirim II (711-727)
Born in 620.
Crowned king after his brother abdicated in 711. Eirim was assassinated when on a royal visit in Sivaris in 727, something which marks the beginning of the first Malieran—Emposian conflict. Eirim became 107 years old, and is the second eldest king of Empo Sar.

Aegum II (727-745)
Born in 683.
Crowned king after his father's assassination in 727. The first thing Aegum did as king was to declare war upon the Malierans, and started a war which lasted for 12 years before a truce was settled in 739. Aegum died

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peacefully in 745 at the age of 62.

Eulin II (745-751)
Born in 727.
Crowned king after his father's death in 745 and his older brother didn't want the title. Eulin and his brother, Karal, died of poisonous food in 751. Eulin became 24, and his brother became 30.

Hirald II (751-776)
Born in 737.
Crowned king after his father (Karal) and uncle's (Eulin) death in 751. It is often discussed by historians whether or not Hirald was responsible for their deaths. Riots occurred during his reign in the lower city in 756, but Hirald initially ignored them. Two months later, he finally ordered troops in to stop it. But by the time the troops arrived, the riot had exhausted itself. When Hirald died in 776 he wrote in his will that he wanted his daughter, Liranda, to become the first queen of Empo Sar. The reason for this was that the only alternative, was a Malieran prince.

Liranda I (776-825)
Born in 766.
Crowned the first Queen of Empo Sar in 776 after her
father's death. In 814, the Malierans, still angry
because the throne didn't come into their hands, start
expanding their territorial claims in Emposian land.

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Liranda warns the Malierans telling them to move out of Emposian territory, but is ignored. In 815 Liranda declares war upon the Malierans, and a conflict that would last for over 100 years has erupted. In 825, Liranda dies in battle against the Malierans at the age of 59.

Aigelthin III (825-856)
Born in 785.
Crowned king after his mother's death. Emposian settlers found the village of Timari with the king's blessings in 828. Died of illness at the age of 71. He fought the Malierans his entire life.

Garlath II (856-859)
Born in 838.
Crowned king age 18 after his father's death. Died in 859, age 21, with a reign of only 3 years. He died in suspicious circumstances, although the official cause was said to be 'natural causes'. It is thought by some that the Malieran Empire may have been involved.

Ailgeth II (859-887)
Born in 839.
Crowned king age 20 following, his brother, Garlath's death in 859. Died in battle against the Malierans age 48.

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Eirim III (887-945)
Born in 870.
Crowned king after his father's death, at the age of 17 years. In 894 he encouraged Yethil to accept to join the Emposian Kingdom. And in 925, he signed a truce with the Malierans in an attempt to finally bring the war to an end. Only a matter of months after the signing, a failed Malieran assassination attempt on King Eirim III breaks the truce. The Emposian armies, united with their allies (primarily Deluthiel and Hecate) overpowered the Malierans in a series of battles which ultimately led to the fall of Sivaris in 929. The Malieran—Emposian war was finally brought to an end when Eirim annexed most of Maliera. In 933 Eirim rewrites the laws on the order of succession so that females are ensured the same rights to become monarch as males. Eirim died in 955 at the age of 75.

Liera I (945-955)
Born in 893.
Crowned as second queen of Empo Sar after her husband's death. There was peace throughout her ten years of reign. Liera dies at the age of 67 of illness only 10 years after her coronation.

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Hirald III (955-982)
Born in 924.
Crowned after death of his mother, Liera I in 955. Hirald III was widely considered one of the sleazier monarchs. He undeniably had a taste for fine wine, expensive clothes and women. Most historians consider there to have been few — if any — actions of real significance during his reign. He died in 982, aged 58, due to illness.

Eirim IV (982—present)
Born in 946.
Crowned after King Hirald III's death in 982. Eirim was responsible for the making and enacting of the Timari Act of 998. It is relatively peaceful under Eirim's reign except for a small incident between the villagers of Forina and the villagers of Timari ending in the destruction of Forina in 994. Eirim is the current king of the Emposian Kingdom, and the 30th monarch to rule the Kingdom of Emposia.