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cc = Copper Coins
Name Sprite Description Function Weight Harvested from Dropped by Sell(cc) Buy(cc)
Blueberry Blueberry.gif Food, Ingredient 3g Blueberry Plant Maggot, Rat  ? 4
Redberry Redberry.gif Food, Ingredient 3g Redberry Plant Orc Magus  ? 1
Apple Apple.png Food 150g Red Apple Tree  ?  ? 5
Green Leaf Green leaf.gif Ingredient 15g Basil Plant Trow, Rhodosus, Wirathistle  ? 1
Cerulean Mint Cerulean mint.png These leaves create a cool, numbing sensation when rubbed between your fingers. Ingredient 15g  ? Wiralof 1 3
Fireweed Seed Fireweed seed.png These seeds have healing properties. Ingredient 22g Fireweed Warg 10 50
Fireweed Flower Fireweed flower.png These flowers have healing properties. Ingredient 75g Fireweed  ? 5 25
Xilis Mushroom Xilis mushroom.png This fungus has magic-enhancing properties. Ingredient 15g Xilis Mushroom Toad 5 20
Elosia Leaf These leaves have potent healing properties. Ingredient 2g Elosia Tree Wirathistle 30 200
Nettle Leaf Ingredient 10g Nettle  ? 1 -
Sage Leaf Sage leaf.gif Ingredient 10g  ? Wirathistle 1 -
Red Bromeliad Pod Red bromeliad pod.gif Ingredient 30g Red Bromeliad  ? 1 -
Witchhazel Flower Ingredient 10g Witchhazel Wirathistle 1 -
Monkshood Flower Monkshood flower.gif Ingredient 15g  ?  ? 3 -
Snakeroot Blossom Ingredient 13g Snakeroot  ? 2 -
Woodsorrel Flower Oils from this flower are capable of neutralising plant poisons. Ingredient 15g Woodsorrel  ? 4 -
Poria Mushroom Ingredient 30g Trees  ? 1 -