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Book3.png Prayer Book is temporarily obtained as part of a quest in Milthorn.


Page 1

Prayer Book
by Filiz Beltower

[a large triangle is embossed on the first page]
[Someone highlighted certain passages of the text with a pen. Tiny, unreadable notes are written on each page's margin.]

Page 2

For a great span of its existence, mankind has believed in the "Genesis". It tells of this world's creation, of the Creators' work, and finally mankind's birth. According to the "Genesis", man was born with the seed of evil. Phobos' seed is our so-called taint. But evil is a concept familiar not only to us. Evil is as evil does and the Dwarves and Elves are just as capable of it as we humans are. Wickedness is a part of us just as much as it is for any other being of Erasan.

In this context it makes no sense to dismiss Phobos as merely a shadow, an evil being, as the "Genesis" does. In doing so, it encourages evilness to be reduced to a taint, easily washed away, and Phobos a personated scapegoat. Rather than blaming our own shortfalls on the Creators, we as creations, should take responsibility for our own actions. Evilness is not easily subjugated, but part of us. Phobos is just as much our Creator as are Eanir and Lyria. A triangle of creation, if you will. It's a matter of simple sanity to challenge the teachings of the "Genesis" which was written by an unknown author, reason enough for scrutiny. But this shall be saved for some other time. More to the point, we should ask ourselves what other roles Phobos has in our and everyone else's lives. Should we believe in the teachings of the "Genesis" selectively, as it's likely the truth is somewhere in between, I would like to point to the second page, last verse, where it says:
"... from the imperfections in the labours of both Creators, and upon those failings it [Phobos] fed."

In her book "Death and the Underworld", fellow scholar Martha Kore speaks of the Underworld as a place where the dead go to be reborn until their life force runs out. Considering the quote above it makes sense to believe that the Underworld is in fact not Lyria's creation but Phobos'. If the Gods and Creators are perfect, and they certainly are closer to perfection than mankind is, death has to be considered an imperfection. Phobos feeds upon it, but also breathes life back into the dead. This is just one more argument for re-evaluating Phobos' role in our religion. I have made it my mission to write prayers to celebrate the Third Creator as we celebrate Eanir and Lyria.

[The rest is prayers and unreadable notes.]