The Broken Land of Slaves

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Book11.png The Broken Land of Slaves is a book by Mikael Suldrin. It can be found in Yethil.


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The Broken Land of Slaves
Mikael Suldrin

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Before the coming of The People, the village had been peaceful and homely. Quarrels were rare, and serious disagreements caused by more than a spilt pint were rarer still. But this was all before the coming of The People. Little is now known of either group, because of the events that followed.

When The People came, they descended upon the village with curses on their breath and fire in their hearts. The warriors and magicians of the village were no match for the might of The People's hateful destructiveness. They took control of the village and enslaved its people.

With the years that passed, the slaves forgot their peaceful habits. In desperation, they began turning to deceit and anger in the new world that had eructed around them. And with each wrong inflicted upon them, the anger of the slaves grew. Until one night, the slaves, unified in their hatred, came together. Amidst the terrified cries of The People, a shimmering glow surrounded their hundreds of enraged voices. The very earth shuddered in anticipation until finally the night sky cracked above them all.

So it was that the slaves turned upon their masters with all the fire of their broken hearts and all of their furious resentment, they unleashed a terror unto the world. And with the first pale uncertain rays of sunlight glinting over the horizon, stealing across the broken lands below, an even brighter light burnt.

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