The Emerald Maiden

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Book7.png The Emerald Maiden is a book by an unknown author. It can be found in the Royal Library in Empo Sar.


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The Emerald Maiden
Unknown author

When hunting in the wood above the town,
I thought I saw a graceful elf up there,
Two eyes of emerald green she had, and hair,
So long and golden shining like her gown.

She led me to a well and called me down,
She told me of the gold that she would share,
A world of riches and a silent glare,
Was mine, yet all I wished for was her crown,

I reached for it and felt my soul recoil,
I saw her flashing eyes and floating hair,
This day I've gone too far into the wood.

Beneath my skin the blood begins to boil,
The Emerald Maiden's curse must bring despair,
To those who think all elves are kind and good.