The Founding of Timari

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Book7.png The Founding of Timari is a book by Lirelle Carey. It can be found in at least two different locations in Erellor and Timar.


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The Founding of Timari
by Lirelle Carey

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The Founding Of Timari

During the last years of the War of Shadows, a young and peaceful monk travelled to the furthest western point of Aerath, seeking to spread peace and harmony to those willing to hear it. His destination was the cairn, isolated valley of Timar. At that time, a small group of war refugees lived there, and the monk decided to found a temple there, where others could seek refuge as well, and listen to his words.

The monk provided healing and shelter for those in need and as word of the sanctuary spread throughout the world more people arrived. It didn't take long before similar independent temples were founded other places.

A small village was built next to the temple in Timar, which the people living there named Timari. There are various theories to the origin of the owl as the symbol of Timari. Some believe it to represent the wise first keeper, others believe that an owl guided Abben, son of Albhe, to the valley of Timar where he helped build Timari temple. As for the colours, green and white are thought to represent nature and peace.