The Gods and Goddesses of Erasan

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Book12.png The Gods and Goddesses of Erasan is a book by an unknown author. It can be found in the Royal Library in Empo Sar.


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The Gods and Goddesses of Erasan

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[This book contains various accounts on many of the Gods and Goddesses of Erasan. A few of the chapters catch your eye.] 

Iutithra "the Mother" 

Iutithra is the goddess of health and well-being. Iutithra is amongst the best-favoured of the Gods by inhabitants of the Emposian Kingdom, especially in Empo Sar. And it is certainly fair to say that the teachings and influence brought by Iutithra has made her a particularly important goddess for many Emposians. This has been helped, no doubt, by the apparent fondness for the Emposians which Iutithra herself seemed show; Iutithra is said to visit Emposian kings and priests more regularly than any other nation on Erasan.
Thousands of pilgrims visit her shrine in Firlow every year. So its location is certainly no secret. The pool of water at her shrine was blessed by Iutithra herself and is said to be so pure that it brings good health to the body of the good and the righteous drinker, but burns the mouths of the evil and the false. As such, there is a sign at the shrine which reads: 

Drink here plenty, good, noble and kind,
This water will heal and soothe your mind,
But be your will, evil, false or cold,
This water will choke, burn, spit and scold.

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For anybody wishing to visit Iutithra’s shrine, I will provide a few details on how to find It: 

Walk north-east from Empo Sar to Aigelthin Keep. Then from Aigelthin Keep travel west, crossing the two rivers to south of Yethil, and continue walking west until you reach the Forester's House in Firlow. Climb up the hill to the west of the house a little way, and then, before the bridge, follow the hill around to the south until you find another way up the hill further. The shrine is directly west of there, however you will have to find your way over another hill before you see the shrine; the pool itself is hidden in a small depression on the other side of that hill. Be aware though, that bears and rhodosus are often found in this area, goblins too have been sighted here in the past, so do be careful! 

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Marmos "the Overseer”
Marmos was truly an evil god, of ill repute, with an even fouler temper and will for destruction. It is said that during the war of shadows, Marmos was one of the dark lord Phobos' greatest and most formidable generals, with several thousand demons at his call, hence his common naming as "the Overseer". 

In battle, Marmos was thought to have regained strength by draining the remaining health from nearby minions of his own summoning, and from severely weakened creatures and men alike.
His destruction came at great cost, it is said, and with considerable influence of numerous other gods along with the alliances of Erasan. His great shield and red-hot sword were ripped from his grasp and shattered into a thousand pieces. Each piece scorched black from flame and still sizzling with the blood of the fallen. Their master disarmed, his minions fled. And without his sword and shield, Marmos found himself powerless to resist being thrown into the burning heart of the lower sun by the gods of the alliance. 

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The author would like to make mention that some have since claimed that Marmos may still return someday. The famed seer, Martha Truesong, predicted the return of Marmos through the reforging and bringing together of his weapons by a single person:
One shall wield sword and shield in wonder,
No lesser man could release our banes,
And so shall break the world asunder,
As a devil torn from his chains.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: It is true that his shield was already reforged by the wizards of Acadh Cinn to explore its magical properties. However under guidance by the Quorum of Acadh Cinn itself, the many fragments of his sword were scattered across the world in the deepest, darkest and most terrible of places. As such, the author would like to make it clear that these blathering words from a 'truthsayer' are nothing but piffletwoddle! 

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Tuorel "the Speaker" 

Tuorel was once said to be the voice of the gods. Hearing his words was said to bring the listener unmatched joy and calm. These days, opinion is divided as to whether his words are those of wisdom and prophesy, or of madness and gibberish.
The Statues of Tuorel were raised in his honour - and in his most common likeness - throughout Erasan by the Guilds of Learning. Inscribed upon each statue are brief poetic verses known to have been spoken by the Speaker. Each inscribed verse references the location in which that statue now stands. As was his way, some of the verses were prophetic in their implications, whilst others are short tales of what had been, or even more simply, descriptions of the areas in question.