The Malieran Wars

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Book7.png The Malieran Wars is a book by Ethan Morfallow. It can be found in the Royal Library in Empo Sar.


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The Malieran Wars
by Ethan Morfallow

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The last major human conflict on Aerath was between the Emposian Kingdom and the Malieran Empire from 815-929. Of the many conflicts on Aerath over the past thousand years, the Emposian-Malieran was the most destructive and extensive, and at its peak, brought both great powers to their knees. 

The two powers of Emposia and Maliera had never seen entirely eye-to-eye; their cultures separated by small differences in lifestyle, social structure, religion and magic use. Even prior to 814, which is generally considered the beginning of the conflict, relations between the Emposian Kingdom and the Malieran Empire were poor. Tension still existed regarding the assassination of King Eirim II in Sivaris in 727, along with numerous border disputes and various other smaller political issues. 

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Declaration of war 

In the early 800s, the Malieran Empire began to expand her territories into neighbouring regions, including Corisia to the north and taking over some of the southernmost Emposian territories. In one such move the Emposian town of Fern was taken by the Malierans. Queen Liranda gave the Malieran Empire an ultimatum: to leave the Emposian Kingdom, or suffer the consequences. Ignoring this threat, the Malieran Empire moved additional forces into Fern. Shortly after, on the fourth day of 815, Emposia declared war upon Maliera. 

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Growing conflict 

A few skirmishes were fought In the years that followed, however neither side truly wanted to commit to open war, yet. However, in 818, an assassination attempt on Liranda left the queen badly wounded and her husband dead. Shortly after, the Malieran Empire advanced southwards down into the Emposian Kingdom. The brutal battles that followed shed more noble blood than any conflict since the War of Shadows. In 820, Princess Marianne was killed in battle, rumoured to have been by the hand of Malieran Emperor Niradar. As if in answer, only a few weeks later, two Malieran princes were brought to untimely deaths: Prince Larilmor killed in southern Milthorn and Prince Meridin in the underground caverns of Korlayra. These days of war were dark indeed. 

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The winter push 

During the winter of 825, Queen Liranda was able to push Malieran forces back as far as Fern. However this victory came at a great cost; it was during these battles that the beloved Queen Liranda was slain. It is said that she died cradled in the arms of her son and successor, Aigelthin III having taken a mortal wound from an unknown Malieran soldier during the heat of the battle. Sources describe how many Malierans are said to have tastelessly exploited this story, using it as war propaganda which only heightened Emposian fury and desperation for victory over Maliera. Although tragic, of course, Liranda's death may even have aided the Emposian Kingdom in a sense. For her death cemented the support of several groups of Northwood Elves for Emposia, this prevented Maliera from expanding much further west without spreading out her armies even further. As the war progressed, the size of battles gradually decreased, but they became increasingly frequent. Guerilla warfare was often adopted by both sides, which discouraged large-scale battles, but also led to the war becoming somewhat of a stalemate. Fortifications were regularly taken and lost on both sides, with the need for control over the regions of Milthorn and Korlayra being especially important, as they separated the centres of Emposia, in Empo Sar, and the Malieran Empire, in Sivaris. The scars of war in those areas are still present to this day. 

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Truces made and truces broken 

King Ailgeth II later died on the battle field in the year 887 by the hand of Malieran Emperor Filke and was followed by his son Eirim III. King Eirim’s reign brought with it the joining of Yethil into the Emposian Kingdom, although it was unclear just how voluntary this action was. Finally by the year 925, a truce was agreed between the two powers. However this agreement was broken less than a year later, following the attempted assassination of Eirim III and (also attempted) take over of Empo Sar by Malieran soldiers under the command of the Malieran, Emperor Riklaovis. In fact, the Emposians had been ready for such a traitorous move from the Malierans and were able to retaliate quickly. In addition, the breaking of the truce by the Malierans was condemned by other war-weary powers of Aerath. As a result, Maliera now found herself under attack on several fronts; many soldiers from the cities of Hecate and Deluthiel fought beside them the kings of which had been angered by the Malieran's breaking of the treaty and fought in hope of a peaceful Aerath. This led to one of the largest battles seen on Aerath since the Great War. 

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Eventually the armies of the Malieran Empire were forced to retreat after receiving huge losses. Emperor Riklaovis died in an ambush and the rest of his army fled back to Sivaris followed by the allied armies of the Emposian Kingdom, Hecate and Deluthiel. Sivaris was besieged and by the beginning of the year 929, Maliera was finally overrun. The last remnants of the Malieran Empire were conquered and annexed by the Emposian Kingdom. 

Finally, the Emposian-Malieran wars had come to an end.